Can Vivotrader be trusted? Here is a quick review to help you

Can Vivotrader be trusted? Here is a quick review to help you

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Crypto CFDs are taking over the trading world! Well, while they might not be taking over in the entire meaning of the word, the process of crypto CFDs being introduced into the market more confidently has begun. Because of this, many brokers dedicated to crypto CFD trading have been sprouting up left and right. In this Vivotrader review, we would like to mention that it might seem like the broker came out of nowhere recently, but it has managed to establish itself as quite a reliable one. The broker has a good track record of working with its clients, communicates well with them, and has a very comfortable browser-based platform for their benefit. They also offer a number of other benefits, such as an educational platform and opportunities to loyal, dedicated and successful traders that you won’t find anywhere else. Let’s take a close look.

The VivoTrader FX brokerage experience

The biggest problem with the review is the fact that we did not enjoy the website all too much. You see, while there are brokers out there with decent and okay websites that concentrate mostly on conveying information about their operations, many of them still manage to produce a respectable website. In the case of Vivotrader, it seems like the broker forgot how important a good page for visitors is. Which is probably why we get what you see when you first land on the page – a very simplistic design that showcases a huge image of a man walking through the Bitcoin sign, with a very minimal white background without much embellishment. In most cases, we do not mind this. But there are times when designs like this make us think that a Vivotrader scam is possible, which is why we feel like they should be doing better.

Still, navigation through the website is relatively easy. The navigation bar on top of the page allows users to get the most important information on how the website operates, the kind of offers it has to make to their clients, basic information on crypto trading, CFD trading, as well as access to the main page of their educational platform. They also give access to their ICO listings on one of the pages the users can navigate to. While the website itself might not be pretty, the ease of navigation through it lets us assign a higher Vivotrader rating than we otherwise would have.

The page also makes information on the main subject, which is something not a lot of brokers do. It delivers information on the broker, on its operations, on its platforms quickly and very efficiently on the main page. The information that cannot be found on the homepage or through the navigation bar on top of the page, can be found at the bottom of the page. This way, the company ensures that no user goes uninformed regarding the operations of the company and why it does the things it does.

Working with Vivotrader

Something that even an ugly or a not entirely beautiful website cannot ruin is the convenience of trading with the broker. It is what helps make the answer to the question “is VivoTrader legit” a positive one. The platform that the broker provides is entirely based in the browser, meaning there is no Vivotader MT4, which some might find to be a flaw, but we do not mind at all. The web-based platform allows users to have to make only one stop to complete all of the things they need to get done. Whether this is getting educated about certain trading strategies, or getting in touch with the support team, all the while they can keep trading on the page. The platform is well designed, very user-friendly, and allows beginners to pick up on how to operate a trading platform very quickly, as they go, even as they trade. The ease of use of the platform has become notorious among users, with many online reviews mentioning it as one of the most attractive aspects of the company, but we can talk about that a little later on in the review.

One issue that we find with the company is that they do not offer Vivotrader Forex broker services. While this might not be a deal breaker to those who would only be interested in trading CFDs with them, we would also like to be able to offset the highly volatile crypto CFD market with something more reliable, such as Forex investments. Though it is not a deal breaker for us since the purpose of the website is crypto CFD trading and not Forex.

What seems to be another benefit of the platform is the fact that they offer the users several types of accounts to choose from. Depending on the user’s desires, what features seem attractive to them, the kind of trading they want to do and the size of their deposit, the users will be able to select from one of the account types offered by the platform. The range of the possible account types starts from basic and goes through bronze, silver, gold, platinum and the mysterious and attractive “Black”. The minimum deposits for each are two hundred and fifty Euro, ten thousand Euro, fifty Thousand Euro, two hundred and fifty thousand Euro, five hundred thousand Euro and the unlimited deposit for the members who wish to have the custom “Black” Membership. The opportunities offered at each level of the account types are more numerous and more interesting than in the lower levels. Each will permit the user to enjoy better benefits. This, in our Vivotrader opinion, is a good opportunity for the platform’s clients to decide what type of traders they will be.

The reputation and VivoTrader opinions

We mentioned this a little before, but it is important to talk about the fact that the broker has one of the best reputations among traders. The online Vivotrader reviews often mention how easy it is to use the platform and how engaging the trading process with the broker is. They talk about the great customer service that the company offers to the users, as well as mentioning how beneficial it was for them to go up in terms of the level of their account type. This is always a great thing to hear, as a reliable broker is one that we always appreciate seeing. Though there are some users who lament the absence of a Vivotrader MT4 trading platform, it seems like this is a thought not shared by the majority of the users, who prefer the web browser-based system.

Wrapping up

We believe that Vivotrader fraud is not possible and that it is one of the better brokers to start trading with if you are looking for a reliable crypto CFD trading broker. They have many things to offer to all kinds of users. While they do have certain issues, this is reflected in the score and there are numerous traders who don’t mind the issues, as long as the experience with the broker remains the same.

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