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Georgia is rightfully regarded as one of the most beautiful counties in the region, as well as one of the most promising developing countries in the post-USSR space. Upon reclaiming its independence, the country has gone a long way to stand where it is right now – an internationally recognized democracy with a lot of appeal to its Western partners.

Georgia is home to one of the world’s most ancient histories, which, to this day, can be observed in every element of the country’s vibrant culture, customs, and traditions. Astonishing views and a variety of activities ranging from the seaside vacations at the beaches to mountain skiing and sightseeing of some of the UNESCO-protected sites attract millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

However, the country’s tourist industry is not the only segment of the national economy that has been developing rapidly during the last few years. Overall, Georgian policymakers have actively been facilitating the country’s economic growth, and, by extension, its appeal to foreign investors.

Such efforts did not go unnoticed, and, on multiple occasions, Georgia was listed among the strongest and most promising developing economies in the world. Moreover, the potential of the Georgian national economy was boosted even further when Georgia became a member of the European Union’s Free Trade Area.

But what does this development mean for the Georgian Forex trading brokers? Well, statistics show that it, too, has been developing at an impressive speed, while trading has also been gradually growing in popularity.

In this guide, we will discuss what are the best online trading platforms in Georgia, what is the regulatory environment like, and what are the unique opportunities that come with FX trading in Georgia.

The complete list of best Forex brokers in Georgia

Everyone knows that it is never easy to find the broker that is right for you – regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. The process is often very time-consuming because there is a lot at stake. A good broker will be able to ensure your security, as well as significantly boost your returns. However, failure to find one can result in unsuccessful trading, a lot of money and time wasted, or, in the worst-case scenario, devastating financial losses.

Our experts decided to make the task a bit easier for everyone and took it upon themselves to create a simple and comprehensive list of the best Forex platforms in Georgia. Fast-forward many hours of extensive research and careful assessment, and we are happy to present you with the list that you will find below. Although we do not suggest that this list is a perfect substitute for the research of each individual trader, we can, nevertheless, confirm, that each of the brokers presented there is highly qualified, trustworthy, and reputable.

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Who is eligible to trade Forex in Georgia and how much does it cost?

Before jumping deep into the specific of the Georgian FX market, let us give you a little insight into what is required from someone who wishes to start trading Forex, and what are the financial inputs associated with it.

The process of joining the country’s trading scene is way easier for the traders, as opposed to the brokers who wish to offer their services there ( which we will discuss in more detail in the sections to come). The main legal requirement that the individual has to meet is being of the age of 18 or older, and, upon meeting the specific requirement of their chosen broker they are good to go.

When it comes to the financial inputs, the situation is just as simple – getting started with Forex trading in Georgia won’t cost you a dime. What we mean by that, in specific, is that the brokers will not charge you for signing up with them. You will, however, be expected to make a deposit, and many brokerages will have a minimum threshold for that in place.

The amount that you will be expected to deposit varies, and while some of the best Georgian Forex brokers ask for as little as 5 USD, others require you to deposit something around 500 USD. Keep in mind that the difference in the minimum required deposit is in no way an indication of how qualified or trustworthy the broker is. It merely means that you should do your duly research and deposit the amount that you are comfortable with.

An overview of the Georgian national economy and FX market

In order to derive the most profits from the Forex trading, as a trader, you should be well versed in the main process and the overall state of the national economy where you plan on operating. Below you will find a short summary of everything you need to know about the Georgian economy and the main opportunities that the local Forex trading market has to offer.

While it is true that the country’s economy is quite promising and developing at a speed that, according to many, is beyond satisfying, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. It is only now Georgia is getting on its feet, after many years of struggling with economic hardship, poverty, and unemployment.

Not every segment of the national economy is developing fast enough, and even the ones with the most potential, such as the agricultural industry, still have a long way to go to sufficiently contribute to the country’s GDP.

As a result of that, Georgian exports significantly lack in volumes, with the highest chunk of vehicle export only reaching 747.8 million USD, which, nevertheless, makes up for almost 20% of the country’s overall exports. This number is alarmingly low, and as of today, there is no indication of a quick change to come.

Georgia is not very rich in national resources, and, combined with limited exports, it makes the commodities trading scene quite limited, as opposed to many of the other countries in the region. On top of that, Georgia is subjected to constant pressure from neighboring Russia, which does not only occupy 20% of the country’s territory, but is constantly readjusting its borders, and acquires larger and larger chunks of the Georgian land.

As you can tell, the Georgian economy, and the country’s FX market too, are both exposed to a number of both internal and external pitfalls that hinder their sustainable growth. With that being said, one should note not all is gloomy either – there is a reason for the country to be listed among the economies with the most potential after all.

One of the most obvious boosters of the national economy is Georgia’s geopolitical location. Serving as a gateway between the East and the West, Georgia is a desirable partner for some of the major Western players, that, in turn, contribute a lot towards the country’s economic development.

Having discussed the unique features of the Georgian economy and the main challenges that it is faced with, we will now finally go straight into a detailed assessment of the standards that the regulated Forex brokers in Georgia have to meet.

The regulatory environment in Georgia

Proper regulatory mechanisms are important to both well-established and developing FX markets. While the former is in constant need of sustaining the progress that has already been made, for the latter, effective regulation is the single most important driver of the market’s growth.

When it comes to Georgia, it is clear that it is falling into the category of developing Forex trading markets. Thus, the regulatory body here plays two very important roles – reinforcement of the customer protection and reduction of the scamming schemes, as well as facilitating the growth of the local FX market at the same time.

The main regulator body in the country is the National Bank of Georgia ( NBG). This entity is responsible for a vast variety of sectors of the country’s financial segment, with the Forex trading in Georgia being among them. As we have already mentioned, FX is still developing and evolving, and so do the regulatory measures implemented upon the Forex trading brokers in Georgia.

Although the environment is still a work in progress, there is already quite a bit to discuss here, and, below you will find a detailed assessment of the main measures that the NBG is currently putting forward.

How to obtain a license in Georgia

As in virtually any country with the local FX market and a regulatory body in place, brokers in Georgia must seek an official license to be legally eligible for the provision of their services to the Georgian traders. With that being said, it is necessary to note that in order to qualify for the NBG license, even the best Forex broker in Georgia will have to go out of their way to prove both their competence and trustworthiness.

If you are in any way familiar with the Forex trading environment in Europe, you might already know that the region’s overarching regulatory authorities – MiFID and ESMA, are doing an excellent job at both providing more opportunities for the EU- based brokers and a more variety of choices to the European traders.

But how does it work? Well, to put it simply, MiFID permits brokers that have already obtained a license from one of Europe’s reputable regulatory bodies to offer their services in all of the EU member states, without having to obtain a separate license from each individual one of them. Now, it is well-known that, despite its aspirations, Georgia is not yet a member of the EU, so can the local traders access European brokers?

In theory, and according to the legal guidelines, only the locally-licensed brokers that are physically based in Georgia are allowed to provide their services to the Georgian customers. However, this does not mean that Georgian traders cannot seek out EU-based brokerages to join. On the contrary, they often end up doing exactly that, as the choice of the local brokers is quite poor, especially for those looking for a very specific kind of trading.

Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that by joining a European broker you automatically lose the support and assistance of the Georgian government, especially in case of any disputes with your respective brokerage. For that reason alone, and for your overall security in general, you should only seek out brokers licensed by the reputable and recognized bodies, such as the CySEC, or the FCA.

Public awareness and risk disclaimers

The Forex trading in Georgia is only now starting to grow in popularity, which means that the market has a lot of opportunities to offer, but what it also means is that there is currently an influx of the inexperienced traders who are constantly under the threat of getting themselves into risky and potentially unsuccessful financial investments.

In order to decrease the number of devastating losses that are caused directly by the lack of knowledge and information on various different types and told of trading, the NBG has introduced a strict requirement that even the best Georgian Forex brokers are expected to meet.

Basically, Georgian brokers ought to provide a full disclaimer of the potential risks and the updated statistics of the success rates of the trading instruments that are considered especially volatile – such as CFDs and leverage, for example.

Limits on leverage

Following the lead of many other counties with well-established and strong Forex markets, Georgia has also decided to introduce a cap on the maximum leverage that the local brokers can provide. The highest leverage available in the country is 50:1, and it can only be used for low-risk assets, such as popular currency pairs, and the limit for other assets is even lower.

If you are new to the FX market or Forex trading in Georgia, you might be wondering – what is so bad about them that such a strict regulation has to be put in place? Well, it is true that leverage can be a source of some very high incomes with little amounts of actual deposit required to be made. However, it can also result in some of the most devastating losses, especially when used by an inexperienced trader. When the regulatory body decided to impose a cap on the maximum allowed leverage, it usually does so to protect traders from the unnecessary losses and reinforce the overall security of the country’s Forex market.

Bans on binary options, bonuses, and conflict of interests

In an attempt to provide an extra layer of security to its traders, the NBG has listed a number of activities that are strictly prohibited in the country. Failure to abide by this list will cause regulated Forex brokers in Georgia to be banned, as well as face the appropriate punishment.

The first on this list is the practice that is also banned in almost every country in Europe, namely, the provision of bonuses and promotions. Brokers often use bonuses to lure in new traders and expand the existing customer base.

The bonuses that are usually offered are either welcome or refill, with the former being gifted to the traders that have just joined a broker, and the latter being issued periodically to the returning traders. In Georgia, bonuses are viewed as a form of aggressive marketing of a potentially risky investment, and are, therefore, prohibited altogether.

Another instrument that is prohibited in Georgia refers to the use of binary options. Most countries in the world regard this type of trading as merely a form of gambling, and there is not a single trader who tried exploring it and did not end up being scammed or with some significant financial losses. Forex brokers in Georgia are banned from both promoting and offering binary options to their clients.

Finally, any conflict of interest between the broker and their trader is harshly prosecuted in Georgia. Although in an ideal world, the broker should operate with the best interests of their clients in mind, in reality, the opposite is often the case. One example of the conflict of interest is broker opening positions against their respective trader. Like many other regulatory bodies, the NBG limits the occurrence of such cases by demanding its licensees to submit regular periodic reports for a detailed assessment of their financial activities.

So, should you give the Georgian FX market a try?

Having examined the state of Forex trading in Georgia, there are a number of things that we would like to remind before providing a final conclusion. First of all, it easy to see that the overall state of the Georgian national economy is not ideal. There is still a long way to go until the country manages to overcome the political and economic hardships and strive on its way to success. Similarly, the FX market, although developing at a rapid speed, is far behind the trading markets of the neighboring countries.

Having said that, we should note that Georgia, is, nevertheless, viewed as a very promising economy by its international partners, and its dedication to growth and expansion gives a lot of hope to both the national economy the local Forex market alike. If you are a Georgian citizen who is thinking about getting into Forex trading, we recommend that you start by conducting thorough research of the top Forex brokers in Georgia to make an informed choice of the broker that is right for you. If you feel like you are ready to dedicate some time and effort into doing that, then we can easily recommend exploring the Georgian FX market.