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XM no deposit bonus is a great opportunity for beginners or traders that have not had any trading experience with the company. The broker has proved its excellence many times during its 10 years presence on the Forex trading market and is widely known as a reliable broker around the globe. Currently, XM is offering a no deposit bonus to its new clients all around the world. Customers who are willing to start trading with XM can get a $30 trading bonus after creating a real trading account with them. The bonus is available for anyone, but people who want to claim it should meet certain criteria. In this XM trading bonus review, we will explain how you can get your no deposit bonus of 30 USD and what are the terms and conditions of using it.

Who can get XM $30 no deposit bonus?

The no deposit bonus is offered to all the new clients of the XM broker who wants to experience the trading process with XM on their platform to ensure themselves that the broker and the platform are the right choices. Although the newly registered customer must be eligible and meet all the criteria to receive their bonus. Generally, the only restrictions are to the people who are under 18 years old or are otherwise considered to be a minor in their countries of residence. The customers who fall under the category of “minors” do not have the right to open a real trading account and therefore cannot receive the XM 30 bonus.

The customer should not have any history containing the events of violations of the broker regulations or applicable rules for fair trading. In addition to that, if XM suspects that the user is violating or has an attempt to abuse the promotion or the fair rules of the trading bonus, XM broker reserves the right to deny, withhold or withdraw the trading bonus, or any other offered promotions for the user. Each and every customer can only get the trading bonus once. The bonus is attached to the uniques IP address, therefore the user can hold only one trading bonus according to XM $30 bonus terms and conditions.

Once the new customer creates the real trading account he or she has a 30-day limit to claim the 30 USD, after that the promotion is no longer valid for this user. You can claim the bonus offered by XM, by just clicking on the below link.

How to get XM no deposit bonus

The process of getting an XM global $30 bonus is very easy and takes several steps only. Once you go to the XM website promotional section you will see that all the needed information and instructions are displayed in a way that even a beginner trader can understand without any complication. Moreover, the website has a user-friendly design which makes it even easier to navigate there.

On the sections of promotions, you will see several offers that are currently active for the new users or existing customers of the broker.

To get your bonus you need to choose the trading bonus. Click here to claim your bonus, you will be landed in the 30 USD bonus section directly.

*Clients registered under the EU regulated entity of the Group are not eligible for the bonus under the EU and ASIC regulated entities

Once you are on the page, you are one click away from getting your XM welcome bonus.
In order to get it, you need to have a real trading account where you will be using 30 USD. Therefore the button for claiming your bonus will direct you to the registration of the real account. Creating the real account with XM consists of two steps and takes 2 minutes only. Let us go through the process of the registration process.

  1. XM claim bonus
    To create a real account and get a free XM bonus you will need to complete the registration application. You need to fill in your personal information. XM requires the first and last name you enter in the registration form to be as it is written in your identity document. You should also indicate your country of residence, phone number (You will need a phone number later for the SMS verification), and an E-mail address, where you will get your ID for accessing the trading account. Also, you need to choose a preferred language for yourself. XM offers a wide range of 25 languages to choose including English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese, and more.
  2. XM bonus account
    After filling up your personal information the registration form requires setting a trading platform type to claim an XM global bonus. Currently available platforms with XM broker are MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4. Generally, you can access your trading account on MT4 and MT5 with pretty much all devices such as PC, MAC, IOS, and Android. However, MetaTrader 5 additionally includes XM WebTrader, meaning that you will not have to install any software, as you can have access to the trading platform online. The second difference between the platforms is that MetaTrader 5 offers its users to trade in stocks, stocks indices, and precious metals, while MetaTrader 4 is predominately a Forex Trading Platform. To sum up, MetaTrader 5 is an upgraded version of the MT4 and has two main features added – XM WebTrader and trading possibilities for stock indices and precious metals. It is completely up to you which platform you will go with, both of them are highly recommended by traders all around the world and you can get your XM no deposit bonus does not matter which platform you choose.
    Once you have made up your mind on which platform you will start trading you should choose the account type you want to start with. In the registration form, you are given 5 options that are currently available for XM customers. These accounts are Micro, Standard, XM Zero, XM Ultra-low micro, and XM Ultra-low standard. We will not give in the depth of differences between the accounts here, you can check the XM website account section where all related information is displayed.
  3. xm trading bonus
    Once you submit the first part of the questionnaire, the second part of the registration will follow. At this point, you are one step away from setting up an XM bonus account. The next part of the questionnaire is designed in a way to finalize your trading account details and for XM to simply determine the purpose of the client. This part of the registration is pretty small as well. You will be asked if you are a US citizen or not, this question is solely for tax purposes.
  4. Next, you need to fill up your trading account details such as – account base currency, account bonus, and leverage. The last part of the registration is to provide information about your investment amount in USD currency, your employment status, and the intended purpose and nature of transactions.
    After the questionnaire is completed the website will ask you to set a password on your account.

XM Bonus transaction confirmation

Congratulations, you now have completed the registration process and are about to get your 30 USD. After submitting the registration form you will receive an email asking for confirmation on receiving the XM bonus of 30 USD. An email will be sent to an address you have indicated while registering. Alongside it, you will receive an ID for your trading account. You need to use this account number and the password you have indicated while registering to enter the Members Area.

XM bonus rules

Getting XM no deposit bonus on your account

After all the steps explained above are successfully completed you need to activate the bonus to get it on your trading account. You should successfully complete the verification procedure with SMS and/or voice verification. As a result, you will receive a 30 USD for trading on your account. The transaction might take up to 24 hours, but usually, the money appears on the user’s account in less than one hour. The XM Forex no deposit bonus is solely for trading purposes, meaning that you cannot withdraw the initial XM login bonus, you can only withdraw the profit you will make from the trading. As we got to the point of withdrawal let’s see what are the withdrawal restrictions and instructions.

XM bonus withdrawal

As mentioned above you are not able to withdraw the initial bonus money. Although you are free to withdraw the money which you will make from your successful trading. As per as XM withdrawal procedure any withdrawal of funds will result in the proportional removal of the initial trading bonus. You can see how it works in the picture below.

XM bonus withdrawal

Why XM 30 USD no deposit bonus

Why should you go with XM Forex trading bonus? XM has a reputation that is beyond any suspicion. The company is Cyprus-based and is fully regulated by the Cyprus regulator CySEC. The company has 10+ years experience and throughout his presentation of the market, they have strongly established its name as a frontier of the trading industry. The broker has many advantages for experienced brokers and beginners. The main advantage, especially for the newcomers in the industry is a highly innovative platform and an interface that helps you navigate and easily understand the system. Besides that FX broker offers 24/5 professional customer support in 25 languages. This can be especially helpful for the new traders.

This is why we advise starting with the XM broker bonus, as the advantages that the broker is offering to its customers can be a great start to a successful trading career. If you are ready to get started with the free trading account, click on the below link and claim your 30 USD bonus.

*30 USD Non-Deposit Bonus is not available to EU clients registered under the EU regulated entity of the Group.

FAQ for XM No Deposit Bonus

What are XM 30$ Bonus Terms and Conditions?

XM terms and conditions for free 30 USD no deposit bonus define the eligibility, trading and withdrawal specifications. The eligibility criteria describe a suitable client as someone who is able to form legally binding contracts, meaning that Forex trading is considered legal in his or her country of residence, a customer is regarded as of legal age and is a first-time customer of XM’s platform. As per XM bonus rules person is not allowed to transfer any deposit bonus amount between the accounts, and cannot open a different client account with the same IP address. There is no minimum trading volume requirement in order to be able to withdraw funds from the account. However, any withdrawal of the profit generated by trading with no deposit bonus will result in a deduction of the proportional amount of bonus from the total funds. Furthermore, in order to claim a 30$ bonus with XM, the client needs to set a real trading account with the appropriate account type. XM has five different trading accounts including Standard, Micro, Ultra-Low Standard & Ultra-Low Micro, and Shares accounts. The bonus scheme is applicable to Standard, Micro accounts and XM Ultra Low. Also, please note that in case of registering on an XM demo account neither depositing, bonus receiving, or withdrawing the profits are possible. So make sure that you are setting up a real trading account.

What is the minimum deposit for XM?

The minimum deposit amount for XM Forex broker depends on the account type that the client chooses during the registration procedure. There are a total of five different account types offered by the broker. The accounts are Standard, Micro, Ultra-Low Standard, Ultra-Low Micro, and Shares Account. The Shares Account comes with the deposit threshold of 10 000 US dollars.

*XM Ultra Low and Zero accounts are not available to all the entities of XM Group

Does XM No Deposit Bonus Expire?

XM’s no deposit bonus of 30 USD is available only for 30 days after the registration on the official website of the broker. As soon as you set up a real trading account with a broker, you will have 30 days to claim the bonus. However, the no deposit bonus is a limited-time offer, meaning that it is not going to be available forever by the broker, and the bonus scheme might get canceled after some time. However, if you have already claimed the bonus, even if the general bonus program ceases to exist the amount will not be deducted from your account. There are several other bonus programs that remain on the platform for longer periods of time, such as the XM deposit bonus. XM deposit bonus is additional money that you receive after your first deposit with the broker. There are 50% and 20% deposit bonuses available with the broker and applicable bonus rules apply to withdrawal conditions of the profits generated with the deposit bonus.

How long do XM withdrawals take?

Usually, the withdrawal from your real trading account with the XM broker will be instant, meaning that the amount will be expressed on your bank account/wallet as soon as you withdraw funds from your trading account. However, in some cases, it might take up to 24 hours for the money to reach your bank account or electronic wallet. For the withdrawals of the xm.com bonus, it might take some time for the system to verify that you meet all the terms and conditions applicable to bonus withdrawal rules and if you satisfy the requirements, then the withdrawal will be successfully completed in an instant.

Comments (7 comment(s))

Ann Abbitz
March 22, 2015
Wow this is incredible. I think I definitely just found my way "in". I have been wanting to get my feet wet in the financial markets for a while now, and I think this is just about as "in your face" as it can get that THIS is the time to start. So, without depositing any money at all... they will offer a bonus to you to trade with? Am I reading that right?
    Top Forex Brokers
    March 22, 2015
    exactly! You need to register, verify your phone via SMS...and then 30 USD accounts is right at your fingertips!
      Pradeep Dhiman
      February 16, 2018
      i have done the same but i can not trade with your bonus. the bonus show in my account but not showing in trading platform. i don't know why are you offering this kind of bonus when we can not trade with it...
        Top Forex Brokers
        February 16, 2018
        You should have done something wrong. Did you contact the support? Most probably a wrong account type.
Zenya Popov
June 24, 2015
I agree that XM is questionable and if you have a choice you should consider another broker
Tommy Suganda
March 2, 2018
This promotion is legit right? Because I couldn’t find it (the details) in XM promotion from my country....
Pule Suzan
March 14, 2018
Anyone to help, I applied for XM $30 no deposit bonus and I got it within 30min after uploading the documents.....now my problem is to trade with micro pairs, on the entry window only micro pairs are displayed but all pairs are displayed on watch window, I am using mt4 Android