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MaxWise Review – Is this just another crypto broker, or more than that?



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MaxWise is a crypto-oriented brand established with the clear goal of acting as a gateway to the fascinating world of digital assets. This is a market that moves up and down at an aggressive pace, creating favorable conditions for short-term speculation.

The team of experts and some of the latest technologies is what makes MaxWise a top pick for traders who are keen on a trading account where they can enjoy cryptocurrencies. This isn’t the first provider focused on crypto, so our job today is to highlight some of the features setting MaxWise apart from the crowd.

MaxWise crypto trading offer

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MaxWise innovative platform

Because it offers a proprietary platform, MaxWise is in a position to provide a unique crypto trading experience. Every tool is integrated so even beginners are able to plot an indicator on the chart or place a market order, with utmost simplicity.

Intuitiveness and professional tools set this platform apart, now that there is a great need for solutions that make no compromises with regards to performance. As long as you have a device supporting a browser, the WebTrader can be accessed without installing anything.

MaxWise trading solution

Source: max-wise.com/about-us/

Crypto trading features

Speaking of crypto trading features that stand out, the asset coverage ranks very high. You can buy and sell tens of different popular tokens, making sure you are not exposed to a single coin at any point. The good news is that MaxWise has a flexible approach and as new projects come out, it can add new assets to the list.

Because these are crypto derivatives, there are no trading commissions involved. Cost-wise, such instruments are appealing, as long as you are keeping trades open for less than a day. There is a swap fee for overnight transactions.

Execution is in line with the market averages and that is definitely good news. You must be able to get in and out of the market at the desired price, without delays or requotes. MaxWise made sure this is possible for all customers, without any exceptions.


Upon opening an account, MaxWise asks you to pass the compliance requirements. First, you need to offer personal identification details. Then, it is mandatory to provide documents supporting that information.

If everything is ok, which it normally is, the company can approve your documents in no time. Naturally, the next step would be to make a deposit and start trading. Keep in mind, however, that these compliance measures apply to all customers. MaxWise abides by international trading standards and does not want high-risk individuals to join its ranks.


A solid choice for crypto traders, MaxWise proves its effectiveness. If you decide to work with it, the account is ready for you to use in no time, and once you have funds deposited, it’s possible to trade on tens of cryptocurrencies. The experience is informative and rich, which is what most traders expect to get nowadays. This company is aware that customers are looking for a dynamic trading environment, and supplies them with just that.

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