XM Copy Trading and XM Competitions – Game-Changers in the World of Trading

XM Copy Trading and XM Competitions – Game-Changers in the World of Trading

Written on

Nov, 2023

Updated on

Nov, 2023

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In the ever-evolving world of trading, finding innovative ways to learn how to trade and enhance one’s skills has become crucial to a trader’s success.

Enter XM, a trailblazing global brokerage firm for over a decade.

XM recently introduced two game-changing products that give traders new ways to participate in the financial markets:

Copy Trading and Competitions

Both cutting-edge products make trading the financial markets both accessible and enjoyable for traders of all levels.

They both enhance the trader’s skill set and knowledge and transform the learning curve into a thrill-filled journey.

Let’s explore the rising popularity of both XM Copy Trading and XM Competitions and see how each approach, competitions and copy trading, makes it easier and more fun than ever before to learn and earn from the markets.

The XM Competitions Advantage

xm competitions

XM Competitions offers traders the thrill of competing for an exciting monthly prize pool of up to $40,000.

Developed by XM, this cutting-edge platform delivers an unmatched competitive experience. It features

  • A slick user-friendly interface
  • A transparent trading environment
  • A near-real-time leaderboard showing exactly how each competing trader is doing
  • Detailed analytics on a clear dashboard that shows what each trader is doing
  • At-a-glance views of competition metrics

The best part aboutXM Competitions is that it offers a wide range of trading competitions for both beginner and more experienced traders.

Here is a quick look at the competitions traders can choose from:

  • The Daily Challenge – A day-long competition that awards cash prizes to the Top 5 highest ranking traders
  • The Five-Day Showdown – A 5-day competition with cash prizes for the top 10 top-ranking traders
  • The Seven-Day Showdown – A week-long competition with cash prizes for the 10 top-ranking traders
  • The Top Performer – A monthly competition where the 3 highest-ranking traders win cash prizes
  • The Funded Strategy Manager – A monthly competition where the 3 highest-ranking traders can win a funded trading account

If you win the chance to become a Funded Strategy Manager, then you will get a pre-funded account as a Strategy Manager on XM’s Copy Trading app, where more experienced traders can share their strategies and profit just by having traders follow and copy your moves.

Why XM Copy Trading 

xm copy trading

Built on state-of-the-art technology, XM Copy Trading is easily one of the most feature-full, and intuitive copy trading platforms out there.

What solidifies XM Copy Trading as a game-changer is its user-friendly interface, incorporating cutting-edge technology.

This environment is incredible. Everything is super-fast, slick, and intuitive.

Its filter functions help traders navigate through hundreds of strategies, by asset, market, trader, performance and more to find the exact one that fits their trading approach and risk appetite.

Combining the finest features pulled from a range of popular copy trading platforms, this powerful offering from XM has swiftly captured the spotlight and is fast becoming a market leader.

It’s no wonder XM’s offering is emerging as a front runner in the highly competitive copy trading market.

The XM Copy Trading Advantage

With over 10M+ clients, XM boasts a huge trading community that Strategy Managers can leverage for their own profit.

That also means there’s no shortage of strategies to follow as an Investor. It only takes a few minutes to start copying trades, whether you’re on Web, iOS, or Android.

The wide range of traders and the depth of performance statistics empower both newbie and more experienced traders with invaluable insights.

Transparent and detailed information include trading history, risk profile, performance data, and more.

This transparency enables traders and investors alike to learn from each other, so that they can enhance their trading skill set and make more informed decisions.

How to Join XM Competitions & XM Copy Trading 

Joining XM Competitions or XM Copy Trading is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few simple steps.

First, traders need to have a verified XM account. To open one, click here.

As an XM Client with a verified account, you simply log in to the Member’s Area.

Then click on the XM Competitions or XM Copy Trading banner to explore each product in more depth.

Pro Tip

If you’re a more seasoned trader, why not experience both XM platforms?

Enter the XM Competition to win a Funded Strategy Manager.

That win could be the key to earning a higher profile and a profit cut from trading as a Strategy Manager on XM’s Copy Trading platform.

It’s a great way to make the best out of both XM Competitions and XM Copy Trading worlds.

Get started here.

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