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Is Trust Capital TC scam or a good broker?





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Trust Capital TC is Forex and CFDs broker that offers its financial and trading services to the residents of the European Union. The broker first appeared in 2018 and seemingly is not popular yet, as there are not many Trust Capital TC reviews and opinions made by the customers. The broker is registered in Cyprus and is regulated by the local financial authority CySEC. The broker offers a limited number of trading instruments from several asset classes such as Forex, commodities, precious metals, and indices. The trading conditions with Trust Capital TC is not as good as most of then European brokers offer to their customers. The minimum deposit is high, the spreads are also high, and most importantly there are a lot of commissions applied. This review will discuss the broker’s features and see if the Trust Capital TC scam is possible or if the broker is trustworthy.

Is Trust Capital TC legit?

According to the website, Trust Capital TC was established in 2018 and is fully regulated and authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Investments Commission. As many brokers claim to be regulated, without having an actual license, while making review we checked the broker’s license and were glad to see that it truly is regulated.

Trust Capital TC scam

Trading with a regulated broker protects customers from the wrongdoing of it, moreover, brokerages that are authorized by the European regulators are obliged to have clients’ compensation fund. Since Trust Capital TC is regulated by CySEC it means that you are protected by the scam or fraud. However, it does not mean that you will receive high-quality service and the broker is right for you. Let’s examine the features and offerings of the broker to see if its a good idea to open an account with it.

What does the broker offer

Trust Capital TC Forex broker offers customers to trade currency pairs and CFDs on different trading assets. Unfortunately, The number of trading assets is very limited there are only 28 currency pairs available. The list of the currencies available with Trust Capital TC includes USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CHF, CAD, NZD, and JPY only. CFDs on different trading assets are even more limited. The broker offers CFDs on gold and silver, CFDs on commodities such as Coffee, Soybean, and Cocoa. Energy futures including Brent, NATGAS, and SL. One can also trade CFDs on five index futures – NASDAQ, DOW, DAX, AUS, and S&P.

Traders who want to open an account with the broker have to deposit minimum 250 USD to open a standard account. It is higher than the average especially for the basic account that does not come with a lot of features. Another thing that reduces Trust Capital TC rating a lot is spread. According to the website, the spreads for Forex start from 1.6 pips. There are a lot of brokers that offer zero spreads for the standard account, compared to them the offerings of Trust Capital TC is simply not attractive. As for the leverage, the broker offers different leverages for different trading assets. One can get the highest leverage which is 1:30 when trading currency pairs. The leverage for the other trading assets is either up to 1:20, or up to 1:10.

Trading accounts

Traders have the possibility to choose between three types of trading accounts. The broker classifies the trading accounts as follows:

  • Classic account for the light trader
  • Prime account for the frequent trader
  • VIP account for the professional trader

There are not many features that come with trading accounts. All of them have market execution and the minimum trade order is 0.01 lots. Other conditions differ based on the trading account.

  • The Classic account can be opened with the minimum deposit of 250 USD, the spreads for this account starts from 1.6 pips.
  • The Prime account can be opened with 500 USD, spreads are the same as for the classic account. This account comes with the dedicated account manager and access to the trading education center and webinars, that are not available for those who have the classic account.
  • The VIP account has a minimum deposit requirement of 50,000 USD. The spreads start from 0.4 pip, which is the main difference between the VIP and the prime account.

The account types do not create a positive Trust Capital TC opinion for several reasons. The broker does not provide much of the features for its accounts. Access to the educational materials and webinars are limited only to the traders who are able to fund the account with the minimum deposit of 500 USD. Almost all brokers offer educational center and webinars, which is accessible for every trader does not matter what type of account do they have. Last but not least, the broker charges commissions for each lot traded. Usually, when brokers offer high spread it means that they make money via spreads and should not be charging additional commissions. However, Trust Capital TC charges commissions for trading Forex which can be 10 or 20 USD per lot, there are commissions for other CFDs which is the same amount, and there is overnight charge 6 USD. These commissions alongside with the high spreads make trading with Trust Capital TC expensive and less profitable.

Trust Capital TC scam

Can Trust Capital TC be trusted?

Trust Capital TC has one advantage only – it is regulated by the CySEC which means that traders in Europe are protected by Trust Capital TC fraud, and in case the broker will violate the law against its customers they can seek the help from the regulator. But as you already know the regulations does not always mean that the broker is good. Especially today, when there are many regulated brokerages that offer far better trading conditions and service than Trust Capital TC. The broker does not provide a good selection of the trading assets, the number of instruments that can be traded is very low and limited. Trading with Trust Capital is also very expensive. The minimum deposit requirement is high, there are high spreads, and various commissions that are never welcomed by the traders. This Trust Capital TC review shows that while a broker might have a license, it does not always mean it offers good service. If you were thinking about opening an account with the broker, it is better to continue searching for the other regulated brokers that have better trading conditions.

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