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Is FXVC trustworthy and should you consider trading with them?



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Is FXVC trustworthy and should you consider trading with them?

It seems like crypto CFD trading platforms are popping up left and right. And why would you be even surprised? These new financial assets are incredibly exciting and have the potential for intense amounts of income for crypto enthusiasts. The only problem is, how do you know which is a scam and which is true? Well, let us assure you, FXVC scam suspicions are all pretty unnecessary. We have done a deep dive into investigating their offers, their activities, their licensing and reputation and have come to the conclusion that the broker is highly reliable. Furthermore, the services they provide, the educational platform they have built and the level of attention they have paid to design their platforms prove that they are worth the time and attention of any and all traders looking into crypto CFD trading.

The review is pretty simple to do. After all, the page is well enough designed to warrant being impressed by it. The page provides users with a good platform to learn about the broker and the trading. The design is simple and pleasant – it allows traders to easily gather information on the platform, without being overwhelmed by useless imagery. The navigation through the website is made as simple as possible, with the tab in the upper right corner giving access to the most important resources on the website. The trading platform, the educational center, the information center and the center of the analytical tool are all instantly accessed through the navigation bar. All of these pages are simple in design as well and prioritize the delivery of information over the display of beautiful imagery. This is a positive thing that not many people are able to appreciate, simply because they forget how important the information about a company really is, which is why we are being positive about their website in this FXVC review.

The bottom of the page also provides detailed information about the different aspects of trading with CFDs, as well as how to trade from different regions of the world, the restrictions applied to them, the different associated fees and so on. The license number for the broker can also be found at the bottom of the page, as well as navigational links to other important information about the page and the broker themselves.

The terms and services are detailed and easily accessible on one of the information pages provided by the broker. Overall, the design of the page results in a very positive FXVC opinion from our team. Only if more brokers would design their pages so well and make them so accessible, we would be way happier.

User FXVC reviews and licensing

Something that is significant in the evaluation of any broker is whether or not they have the license to operate as they do. Especially since the broker, we are currently discussing operates several financial asset types which are heavily regulated in most of the world. The FXVC rating boosting answer to this question is yes, they do have a license. And the license comes from one of the most regulatory bodies in the world, CySec (also known as Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). Therese guys are known for their effective and strict enforcement of rules and laws related to the industry. This means that the broker doesn’t really have a choice in being reliable. If it is not, it will get slapped with a hefty fine and might even get its operational license revoked.

Though, some of you may still find yourself asking the question “is FXVC legit” and we are happy you are still asking it. It is important to keep asking questions, in order to protect yourself from the dangers of trading with dangerous entities. Thankfully, beyond the simple licensing, the company also offers us an impeccable reputation online. To be more specific, we are talking about how user-provided reviews, which are mostly positive. Every review has their own reason about why they are being so happy with the company, but most of them tend to mention the ease of the platform use and how fast the withdrawals and deposits are. Which is definitely a good thing to have with a broker that operates large amounts of money for you. The combination of CysSec approval and such an overwhelmingly positive reaction by the general user population leads us to believe that FXVC is one of the most reliable brokers out there.

The platform and offers

There is no FXVC Mt4 platform, which might seem like a shame to a large number of traders, but they will be easily convinced otherwise the moment they get to try the web browser based trading platform that the broker offers to its user base. The browser platform has a number of things that make it one of the better platforms out there – it is simple to use, the design is beginner friendly and it offers simultaneous trading on four different asset type tabs. The four tabs are separated because of the different assets the broker offers – CFDs, Forex, Crypto CFDs and stocks. It is a convenient way to trade and hedge your investments against the coming risks.

The platform is also well integrated with mobile devices so that traders will be able to take their trading anywhere they go, as long as the markets are open. The trading platform works well with Android and iOS so that there should be no issues in the operation and functionality.

The broker also offers a tiered account system. They offer basic, silver, gold, platinum and VIP service, depending on the size of the deposit that a user makes. It is pretty easy to upgrade your account type, simply by using the funds that you end up making on the trading platform. The deposit size defines your account level, with the minimum deposit size being 250 Euro, which lands you a basic account, and the highest account type deposit being one hundred thousand euros. Can FXVC be trusted with these funds? Yes they can, they have a high-level encryption and security system to protect the funds and the user’s personal information. So there is no danger of losing this stuff.

The educational platform created by the broker is rather simple. It offers free guides and articles, as well as ebooks and training once you have advanced your account type to higher. Though don’t expect to learn all of the intricacies of trading CFDs or Forex from here.

The final FXVC opinions

The crypto CFD trading brokerage is a relatively new idea in the retail financial markets. Still, it is one of the most exciting opportunities for increasing your income. Which is why it is important to know and make sure that the broker you will be working with is worth the time and energy you are going to have to invest in the broker. It is the conclusion of this FXVC forex broker review that it is one of the best to start trading with.

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