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Everyone has a competitive streak in themselves, am I right? Facing challenges and having a clear goal or something to strive for can bring out the best in us and show what we are truly capable of. Best Forex contests intend to do exactly that – Forex traders are competing against each other, showing their […]

Want to have a huge boost to your deposit amount? Some of the deals do offer that. But what is better, taking such deal or getting something reliable from ? find out everything about this deal in FBS Deposit Bonus Review now! FBS Deposit Bonus 100% Description The main point of this bonus is that it is […]

In Spot trading at Forex market many retail traders use leverage often exceeding 100:1. Of course, with such leverage there is a chance to make, for example, $1,000 out of $10 if the market situation is fortunate. But to the contrary, if the broker uses a Non-Dealing Desk model (STP/ECN Broker) and if the market […]

As much as 80% of successful trading behaviour can be attributed to the mindset that the trader applies to their position-taking and risk management activities. In other words, trader’s psychology is what makes the difference when it comes to securing profits at the currency trading. This article will tell you more about the correct mindset […]

When trading currencies on Forex things can potentially go very well, leading to a large degree of financial success. This, of course, is the objective for every trader, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Traders on the Forex markets are bound to make mistakes from time to time, especially when they don’t know what […]

Are you looking to preview cTrader on a Practice Account? Then look no further. Read how to open a cTrader Demo Account with FxPro below and get a good overview on the features that will become available to you!    Minimum Deposit: $0               Account Currencies: Over 7    Min. Volume: 0.001 […]

The forex market is a vast, accessible area for the traders around world. It’s essentially open all the time; it has fully accessible use of margin and comparatively low costs of trading. These are some features that can entice anyone into trading currencies for some extra buck. But the problem is most of you will fail […]

The year 2021 is going to be kind to the Forex trader, and if you ever wanted evidence of that, you only have to look as far as all of the best Forex no deposit bonus offers made this year. The list of these offers is incredibly long, as the number of brokers is higher […]

Curious about Forex vs Stocks comparison? Many investors are concerned regarding the returns that they get from the trades. You can get the opportunity to earn a higher profit if you invest wisely in a particular security. Some of the high yielding securities can be found in the foreign exchange and stock exchange markets. Both […]

It is always great to get bonuses from your Forex broker. The brokers often give you additional sign-up bonuses, so you feel supported and motivated. But how about supporting you afterwards and keeping your motivation high? The XM Bonus Points keep you motivated and also allow you hold their positions open for a longer period. […]

There are tons of trading strategies you can employ. Today Top Forex Brokers will present you with a Forex 1 Minute Scalping Strategy, this is quite a good strategy for the starters. Please note that this strategy requires quite some time spent on trading, so if you are unable to focus on trading for at […]

Curious about Forex Market Hours? Foreign Exchange Market is the largest and the most active. Unlike Stock Market that closes daily, Forex market closes weekly. This article will examine the Forex market hours, explain the timing of the sessions and provide forex trading tips based on the forex sessions overlap. Read below to find out […]

There are a lot of forex trading styles that can be applied to the FX market. Certain traders leave their positions open for months, while others can open and close their positions in an interval of minutes. This article focuses on the latter category of the forex trading styles. Day Trading: Forex Trading Styles It relates […]

Forex  is an aggressive ways for the brokers to attract customers. Usually brokerage houses offer a relatively small amount of real money to open an account with them and the profit and/or initial balance can be taken out upon trading a certain volume. Brokers make such generous offers so you can check: live spreads speed of […]

Many traders are looking for forex rebates. Read this article to find out what are forex trading rebates and how to benefit from them. What are forex trading rebates? Forex Rebates have always been a way of brokers to compensate the traders their spread and commission expenses. In other words, it is a simple commission […]

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