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Most Common Forex Trading Mistakes

When trading currencies on Forex things can potentially go very well, leading to a large degree of financial success. This, of course, is the objective for every trader, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Traders on the Forex markets are bound to make mistakes from time to time, especially when they don’t know what mistakes to avoid. When you know what the most common types of mistakes are, you can be prepared for them and save your investments. Some of these mistakes can even be considered as “traps” which ensnare the unsuspecting trader. Although beginners who are inexperienced are certainly susceptible to these common mistakes, sometimes skilled traders aren’t always aware of what traps to be aware of either. Avoiding these mistakes often makes all the difference between success and failure on the Forex markets.

What are the Most Common Currency Trading Mistakes

There are currency traders out there who are carrying on without a trading plan, but this is usually among the most common mistakes made. Simply put, without a trading plan, you are unprepared not only for what action you will take if things go wrong, but also for what action you will take if things go right. This means that you are more likely to act on impulse or emotion and not on judgment and reasoning, and of course, that is a good way to lose your earnings in Forex. A trading plan should answer all of your most important and basic questions, such as the amount of money you are willing to put at stake, where/when to enter the trade, when to get out if you are wrong, what you will do with the profits…

Believe it or not, even though trading can be wonderful and beneficial, many people trade too much and thin is one of the top forex mistakes.

Stick to the age-old philosophy warning people about “too much of a good thing.” The biggest motivator behind over-trading is most often emotion. No matter what happens, the biggest mistake behind making blunders with your money is acting on emotion rather than reason. People who tend to over-trade are gambling with the market rather than making logical and calculated investments, and when you gamble the odds can hurt you financially.

top forex mistakes currency trading mistakesAnother surprising and common mistake when it comes to Forex trading is becoming too involved or obsessed with indicators and other tools used for analysing trading data. The bottom line is that the actual price action is more important than the indicators, and many people lose sight of that or don’t realise it at all. You have to learn to read a price chart and understand that this is where the important data lies; the data which will ultimately determine your success. You may also develop “analysis paralysis” which occurs when you are looking at so many different market variables you exhaust yourself to the point of making irrational or emotionally-based decisions.

Although it might seem obvious, another one of top trading mistakes many currency traders make is letting go of winning trades and holding on to losing trades. By sticking to your trading plan and implementing a stop-loss you can avoid these mistakes. When you do lose a trade it is okay, you can’t let it hold you back or strike fear into your trading decisions. Small losses are common for all Forex traders.

If you can identify these currency trading mistakes and avoid them you will certainly become better trader and will have a chance to become one of the best. If you believe that you trade without mistakes or can stay out of their influence we recommend you to pick-up one of the Best Brokers and start your trading career.

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Hans Hauf
June 24, 2015
Falling asleep while trading without SL was my mistake #1
    Larissa Hunka
    June 24, 2015
    Why would you trade without Stop Loss? I heard that it is rather bad practice to trade like that
David Smith
June 28, 2016
Most common mistake is to start trading on Forex without learning everything about it, it's not hard to learn but you'll need to take time to learn it than try it with demo account and if you're sucessful there than you should make strategy, trading plan and start trading for real