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XM Bonus Points

It is always great to get bonuses from your Forex broker. The brokers often give you additional sign-up bonuses, so you feel supported and motivated. But how about supporting you afterwards and keeping your motivation high?

The XM Bonus Points keep you motivated and also allow you hold their positions open for a longer period.

XM Bonus Points Description

With the XM Bonus Points you will not just enjoy Forex trading on the MetaTader 4, MetaTrader 5 or the XM’s Web Platform, but also will have an ability to get trading bonus.

The amount of XM Bonus Points that are given to you depends on two factors: quantity traded and time of active trading. The moment you start trading – you will get 10 XM Bonus Points per lot, and after 100 days of active trading – for every lot you trade you will be awarded with the additional 20 points. How the road from 10 points to 20 points looks like you can see on the picture below:

xm rebate Open an Account with XM[/button]

You can redeem your XM Bonus Points into bonus credit, which can be used for trading but cannot be withdrawn. In such a case the conversion rate is 3, so if you decide to spend 1,000 points – you will be awarded with the $100 credit. But do not forget, that you will be able to withdraw only the profits received on this credit bonus, but not a bonus itself.

Also, the XM Bonus Points program offers seasonal bonuses, which have to be checked on their website, since they change all the time.

The XM Forex is one of the best Forex brokers, and this deal shows that it is focused on keeping you motivated and interested in the Forex trading. So do not wait, and start trading with XM Forex now!

ForexBonusLab recommends to read XM Forex broker review before making your deposit. If you are still not sure whether to open account with XM – you check the $30 offer from the XM, which does not require any deposit.

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