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Forex Rebates Explanation

Many traders are looking for forex rebates. Read this article to find out what are forex trading rebates and how to benefit from them.

What are forex trading rebates?

Forex Rebates have always been a way of brokers to compensate the traders their spread and commission expenses. In other words, it is a simple commission sharing scheme between your broker and yourself. When trading 1 lot on EUR/USD with the spread of 3 pips, you end up paying a sum of 30 USD to the broker. While many brokers keep the funds to themselves, there are some brokers that give a share of this commission back to you as a part of loyalty program or a forex rebates bonus promotion.

Stay away from fake forex rebates!

There are some brokers that would tell you that they offer rebates, while in real life they just increase the spread on your account and pay you back the difference. It is common to encounter the brokers that have rebate accounts, where the spread is 2 pips higher than on a regular account. Such rebates don’t do anything good to you. Browse Forex Bonus Lab Rebates to find the best matching offer.

There are also many webpages that offer you a certain amount of money for trading with a certain broker. Usually such pages just share with you a part of their commission, and of course their commission depends on the broker’s spread. We suggest you to stay away from such sites too, as these people will offer you to trade not with the best broker, but with the broker that pays the largest commission.

How to get the best forex rebates offer?

This generally depends on your brokerage house. You may shoot an email to your account manager asking them if they offer any or you could let us do the job. Simply click here to contact us and we will get in touch in minutes. If you already have an account with the broker, we will get the best fx rebate deal for you. If you don’t have an account with one, we will suggest you a list of the best brokers. We disregard the affiliate payments when it comes to advising a proper.

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Peter Joe
January 29, 2016
Nice stuff,I always need it.When you are dealing with the concept of Forex rebates, there are a few essential components that you should demand from any rebate service that you are even considering, this explains it well.