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Top 10 Forex Trading Tips

The forex market is a vast, accessible area for the traders around world. It’s essentially open all the time; it has fully accessible use of margin and comparatively low costs of trading.

These are some features that can entice anyone into trading currencies for some extra buck. But the problem is most of you will fail during your first steps as a forex trader. Here’s a list of things you’re supposed to do, many of which you don’t end up doing. Browse through the list of the best Forex tips we have prepared for your to assure successful trading!

Learning on the best forex tips

Forex trading isn’t something that you can just dive right in and look good from the very start. You know for sure that you’re not ready if you can’t currently think of the meaning of terms such as pip, leverage, stop, or even forex itself. Before you start trading, do your research in however method you wish, however we recommend you to browse through our forex trading tips for beginners.

1. Knowing the market

Once you start becoming interested in the FX market, do make your research and understand the terms behind trading. Get to know the platforms and the features of the market.

2. Finding the perfect broker

Perfect brokers don’t exist, but near perfect ones do. So take all the time you need to find a reputable forex broker. It is hard to find one unless you know what you are looking for. We have taken the job from you and composed a list of the best forex brokers, so you can trust us and let us make you a right choice. When choosing a broker you should primary focus on selecting a reputable and regulated broker that supplies a decent level of support in your language. This should be your main goal, while the second one should be choosing the broker that offers you the most suitable trading platform for FX trading. Lastly, you should take a look at the trading conditions.

3. Using a practice account

Since the forex market has largely migrated into the online platforms, it opened doors to several other things. Today you don’t need a college degree in finance to become a forex trader. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Since several clueless but aspiring people are becoming forex traders in this way, this caused the birth of virtual trading. Novice traders can practice in these virtual accounts and hone their skills to survive in the actual forex market. The simulation is exactly the same as the real deal, but it deals with fake money. You may also try participating in a certain no deposit bonus offer instead of trading on a demo account. Training is the most important thing and you should definitely invest enough time into preparation.

4. Using Charts

When you are starting out as a forex trader, learn how to make best use of the charts. Don’t go overboard though, as using too many at a time will clutter your mind. Keep the number of chart used for analysis to a minimum for a more organised and disciplined forex trading experience. Your chart suppose to be clean and clear, as a cluttered chart can simply trick you or provide you with just too much information to analyse.

5. Managing your money

Money management is an important thing to consider if you want to be a successful forex trader. Set up a risk profile that best suits your preference, and always follow it. Never risk too much capital on a single trade thinking you will win big. Doing this might get you bigger loss. Use leverage only if you know you can handle the risks and use stops to take you out of a dangerous trading situation. The rule of thumb is to never risk more than 2% of your funds per single trade. In other words, if you account balance is 1,000 GBP, you should not lose more than 20 GBP per single trade.

6. Growing as you go

The idea for forex beginners that is similar to basically all sorts of work is to start small at first. As you emerge from your novice trader phase into seasoned, you can slowly grow and increase your stakes. Once you’re an experienced forex trader, you can deal with larger volumes and thus receive larger returns. Take things slowly, this one of the most important currency trading tips.

7. Using leverage

Leverage maybe highly accessible to all forex traders and it can substantially increase profits, but never go overboard in using it. Suffer a loss when using leverage that you can’t sustain and you may potentially be out of the game forever. Many forex tips and tricks are focused on the correct use of leverage, the main idea behind it is to use the lowest leverage available, at least while you are a beginner. Smaller profits are always better than big losses.

8. Keeping business records

Keep accounts of all your trading sessions and study them every weekend. This includes your wins and your losses. Records of your past business acquisitions is the perfect reminder and teacher of your mistakes and achievements. Learn where you went wrong and what you did right. This is one of the most vital tips for Forex trading, as checking the history and improving your skills based on it will ultimately lead you to success.

9. Paying taxes

Be prepared for an appointed tax time. So that when the time comes, you have the funds you put aside for that particular purpose. If you need consultation about incoming taxes then it is best to hire a tax specialist. Even though this is not directly related to the Forex currency trading tips, it is an important point to consider for being successfull.

10. Knowing that FX trading is a form of business

Like all other business, forex trading involves profits, losses, tax payment, risks and insecurity. It doesn’t matter if you lost big today, there is still scope for regaining the lost money next time. On the day after that, you might be doubling the profit. Forex is in essence a business like any other. The main idea of these tips for traders is to understand that trading is not a hobby, it is not a game, it should be treated as a business activity.

Forex Tips Conclusion

By following these 10 simple steps you will be able to avoid losing too much money in the forex market. What to do now?

Start by getting a live trading account with one of the best brokers and get rewarded with a bonus!

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Larissa Hunka
June 24, 2015
Oh, charts are so difficult for me right now. Does it get easier with time?
July 9, 2016
Great tips really enjoy reading this, it is always helpful no matter how experinced you are, and yeah charts are difficult but definitely easier with time :)