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FBS Deposit Bonus

Want to have a huge boost to your deposit amount? Some of the deals do offer that. But what is better, taking such deal or getting something reliable from Forex Deposit Bonuses? find out everything about this deal in FBS Deposit Bonus Review now!

FBS Deposit Bonus 100% Description

The main point of this bonus is that it is will be equal to the size of your deposit. So, if you decide to deposit 300 USD, you will be able to trade with 600 USD balance. Seems like a good deal, until you spot that FBS is Scam Forex broker.

FBS Deposit Bonus 100% offers controversial conditions that are difficult to fulfill. First of all, you will have to trade 1 lot per each 3 USD of your bonus, which is rather difficult. Of course, one can claim that 1:1000 leverage will help you. But, Top Forex Brokers suspects that trading with such high leverage is just too risky.

Of course, as you would hope from unreliable Forex broker, this deal is open to everybody. So, no matter if you are new or already traded with FBS, you can get 100% extra. Don’t you think that fair broker is unable to afford such promotions?

Bonus is available on any deposit up to 20,000 USD, so if you decide to risk your money, you can loose 20k at once.

FBS Bonus Best Alternative

Forex Top Forex Brokers does not believe in such deals, especially since we heard a lot of claims that FBS is Scam. this is why we will provide you with alternative deals that we believe in.

EasyMarkets Deposit Bonus

Unquestionable reputation and more than 10 years of experience. Get your 20%! Deposit Bonus

Well-known broker with awesome deal for up to 50%!

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September 11, 2016
For me this bonus offer from FBS Markets has been really good, I have been able to maximize my trading power and it helped me in trading, so this offer has been really good for me
Arif Hussain
October 13, 2016
This is another obviously paid comment that has been removed by the ForexBonusLab team. We recommend you to avoid brokers that pay for positive comments, stay safe.