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Before we begin explaining this bonus trading strategy, we would like to warn you that this article is mainly for informational purposes. We do not encourage you to participate in any illegal activities, act not in a good faith and violate terms of services and forex bonus promotions. Having said this, we are still sure […]

 are great tools for having fun and practicing trading. As with any sport, forex contests have their code of conduct and you should apply to it. Failure to do so will not put you in unfair situation compared to other participants. Also you could be penalized by an organizer. Forex Contest Strategy plays an important role. […]

Forex Bonuses are great, but as forex trading, forex bonuses requite substantial knowledge to be beneficial for you. Below you can read a simple forex bonus strategy. This is not a forex bonus strategy that explains you how to trade and make money. This bonus trading strategy will focus on selecting the most appropriate bonus […]

Even if a trader doesn’t have lot of knowledge about the market at first, it can compensate by learning continuously. By being patient and accumulating information, he can improve at a steady pace until he has what it takes to consolidate his profession as a Forex trader. Reading our top 10 forex trading tips and […]

One of the most useful features that a new trader can use is the demo account. Before the evolution of technology, traders didn’t have online accounts and they were writing their trades on paper rather than introducing them at the market. This is why the term paper trading is often associated with forex demo account […]

A trader should not make the mistake to think that all  are reputable and handle their business honorably. After some research is made regarding them it is apparent that some of them use a dealing desk in order to gain from less experienced traders, sometimes delay order execution until it is favorable to them or […]

Learning how to start trading currencies successfully is a difficult task not suited to everybody. However, if a trader has a clear plan, he can overcome the obstacles associated with it. Of course trading currencies involves a significant degree of risk. Many traders have losses, this raises a question why trade forex. Nevertheless, trading performance […]

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