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The foreign currency exchange market, or Forex as many call it, is the largest financial market at the moment. In the beginning, when Wall Street began its first trading operations, outsiders could not easily join the traders. There was a membership fee and the existing traders would have to nominate you. Hence, several decades ago, […]

Argentina is a country full of political and economic controversies, intriguing trends, and a crisis-ridden economy. For that and many other reasons, it attracts numerous experts and researchers to investigate complex cases of Argentina. Argentina is a state on the South American continent, located in between Chile and Uruguay. The country is less than three-tenths […]

Uruguay is the second smallest state on the South American continent. However, Uruguay is surprisingly advanced in education, social security systems, and its legislation. Despite the tiny territory and population compared to its neighboring Brazil and Argentina, the country rapidly develops both politically and economically. Uruguay is an independent state since 1828. Today, it is […]

The financial markets in Iran are soaring, even though they are a novelty by global standards. The pace at which Iranian markets develop is incredible with new Sharia-compliant securities appearing every day. The country just got out from a decade of isolation, looking for foreign partnerships to fuel the expansion in securities trading. Therefore, Iran […]

The main regulatory body of the financial market of Cyprus, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, better known as simply CySEC, has recently announced that it has blacklisted more companies because they were not registered properly. The regulatory body of the country noted that most of these companies claimed to be regulated by CySEC, while […]

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