Immediate Edge EA Review

If you are in any way present on social media platforms, you are well aware of the success stories of those who decided to dive deep into the cryptocurrency market. Their success, while impressive, seems unachievable to those with no prior experience in cryptocurrency in general, and trading it in specific. However, for that reason exactly, the market has recently been flooded with a variety of automated trading robots.

While those do, indeed, offer an opportunity and access to inexperienced crypto traders, they can often be a scam in the disguise of legitimate software. In order to avoid losing your money to the con artists that are located all around the Internet, one should invest some time and effort into reading EA reviews from trustworthy sources. Below you will find our review of the Immediate Edge Bot robot that will contain all the information you need to decide whether this automated trading robot is worth investing in.

Immediate Edge Bot was created by Edwin James, who built his entire fortune by investing in crypto and forex trading. He realized that many members of the general public are scared away by the seemingly complex cryptocurrency market, which is commonly believed to require a lot of research and skill to get into. This automated trading robot was originally aimed at providing equal access to crypto trading to both beginners and experienced traders alike. Its technology is based on elaborate Artificial Intelligence (AI) software, that processes and analyzes large volumes of qualitative and quantitative data only to work out the most profitable and the least risky strategy of trading.

What Is Immediate Edge Bot And How Does It Work?

In order to provide you with a detailed assessment of this automated trading robot, it is necessary to dive deeper into what this EA actually is and how does it work.

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As mentioned above, Immediate Edge Bot was created by Edwin James, who, having built a large chunk of his fortune on cryptocurrency trading, wanted to allow other people to do the same. Below, our Immediate Edge Bot Robot review outlined some of the key features of this EA’s performance:

Review of Immediate Edge
  • The AI-based technology behind this automated trading robot’s software is capable of analyzing data live from the market – and it does so nanoseconds faster than even the most advanced human trader
  • Immediate Edge Bot robot in entirely automated, which means that all that is required from its users is to sit back and observe as the robot yields profits
  • For more experienced users, who are confident in their trading skills, there is a manual trading mode available, and one can switch to it at any time
  • The software is programmed to avoid unnecessary risks, and look for the most profitable, as well as the safest trading strategy
  • Unlike other automated trading robots, Immediate Edge Bot does not require you to actually purchase or mine cryptos, instead, it is trading with the Contracts For Difference ( CFDs) which is widely regarded as the most lucrative trading strategy

Who Is Immediate Edge Bot For?

The short answer to that would be – it is for everyone. Although like many other automated trading robots this EA would be most beneficial for beginners, our expert review of Immediate Edge Bot determined that experienced traders would also benefit from the unique features that it provides.

When it comes to those with no prior experience in cryptocurrency trading, there is a number of perks that this EA has to offer to them. As previously stated, Immediate Edge Bot offers a completely automated mode of trading. What this means is that the beginners can enjoy their trading sessions and observe as the EA is generating a passive income- all completely stress-free, with little to none actual input, and from the comfort of their own home.

On the other hand, experienced traders with some confidence in their trading skills can carry out sessions manually. They would still receive advice from the analysis that the robot continues to carry out 24/7 – and that would already be a big enough boost to provide experienced traders with an unfair competitive advantage. To top this up, this automated trading robot provides its users with exposure to a wide variety of cryptocurrency pairs, which, ultimately results in far more lucrative profits.

Does Immediate Edge Bot Robot Actually Work?

Just like you are probably thinking right now, we thought that what this automated trading robot sounds a bit too good to be true. This EA’s software developers promise over 90% success rates and laser-like accuracy, which is ensured by AI-based technologies behind the Immediate Edge Bot programming.

For the purpose of this Immediate Edge Bot robot review, we decided to put the promises of this EA’s providers to the test. We made our first deposit, chose an automated mode of training, and waited to see what will happen next. The results became visible within the first day of trading and what we saw was astonishing. Our deposit multiplied rapidly and continued to grow at an unbelievable speed- all without us having to make any effort or input.

Having tested the success rates promised by the Immediate Edge Bot robot providers we are happy to report that they are, indeed, true. We can also recommend utilizing the features of customized trading settings to make the most of your trading sessions. Overall, we can confirm that the Immediate Edge Bot does work and we can easily recommend it.

How Much Does Immediate Edge Bot Cost?

Another good news is that Immediate Edge Bot automated trading robot won’t cost you a dime. The only financial input that you will have to make is an initial deposit that can range from a minimum of 250 USD to any sum of your choosing. As mentioned above, the deposit is almost cetin to multiply within the first day of trading, and the money will belong to you all throughout your trading with this EA. You will be able to withdraw your returns at absolutely any point, hassle-free – it would only take a maximum of 24 hours to have your profits transferred to your bank account.

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However, for the purpose of this review of Immediate Edge Bot robot, our experts decided to double-check if there are any additional transaction costs or hidden fees associated with this automated trading robot. We found out that neither the trading sessions nor the payout and withdrawal process requires the user to make any additional payments. We can confirm that this automated trading robot won’t cost you a dime, and the profits it offers are plentiful.

How To Get Started With Immediate Edge Bot?

Immediate Edge review

Now that you have heard all about the amazing perks, you are probably asking yourself: how to get started with it? Overall, the process is just as easy to conduct as the automated trading robot itself. Below we provided a breakdown of a few simple steps that you will need to complete to get started with Immediate Edge Bot.

  1. Register your account – you will need to provide some basic information such as email and phone number, as well as full name and title. You won’t need to go through any sort of ID verification process.
  2. Choose your trading mode – you can both let the software do all the work for you in an automated mode, or trade manually. You can switch between the two modes at any time you please.
  3. Make your first deposit – it can be anything between a minimum of 250 USD or any amount of your choosing.
  4. Customize your trading settings to make the most of your trading sessions
  5. Enjoy your trading with Immediate Edge Bot

This Immediate Edge Bot robot review found that the entire set-up process is not going to take any longer than 3 minutes, all while being completely in line with the customer protection and security regulations.

Should You Use Immediate Edge Bot – The Final Verdict

If you have already read this far, then what you are looking for is probably the final verdict of whether you should use this automated trading robot. Before giving you that, let us step back a little and remember what this EA is and what does it have to offer.

This automated trading robot was created by Edwin James – a cryptocurrency enthusiast who saw a market niche in making cryptocurrency trading available to both beginners and experienced traders alike. This EA is operated on the complex, AI-based software, which constantly analyzes large volumes of qualitative and quantitative data that it receives live from the market. Based on the analysis, this automated trading robot creates and executes the most profitable and the least risky trading strategy, while the user is merely sitting back and observing as the robot does all the job.

Our review of the Immediate Edge Bot robot found that this EA does deliver upon its promised success rate of over 90%. The initial deposit multiplies quickly, and the process of payout is quick, smooth, and hassle-free. This automated trading is also completely free, and available for both PC, tablet, or mobile phone – all you need is a stable Internet connection and the first deposit, which can be as little as 250 USD. Overall, we can easily recommend this EA as a legit, reliable, and lucrative tool for cryptocurrency trading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the subscription plans available for Immediate Edge Bot? 

There are none. This automated trading robot is absolutely free for its users, all it takes is a 3-minute account registration and the initial deposit that can be as little as 250 USD. This deposit will remain yours throughout your trading sessions and you can withdraw it easily at any time you like.

Can beginners use it? 

They most definitely can! Like any other automated trading robot, Immediate Edge Bot mostly caters to the needs of those with little to no experience in cryptocurrency trading. Its user-friendly interface, automated mode of trading, and 24/7 customer support all make this EA a perfect trading tool for beginners.

Does Immediate Edge Bot Actually Work? 

This Immediate Edge Bot robot review found that this EA does, indeed, work. Our tests confirmed that the success rate of over 90% that the providers promise does deliver. The AI-based programming is capable of conducting an elaborate analysis of large volumes of data, and, based on it, create a trading strategy that is both high in profits and low in risks. Moreover, testimonies of success and a growing customer base both reconfirm that this EA is legit.