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No is a new Forex/CFD brokerage that will be operating in the UK market in the beginning phase of its development. Find out about the new brokerage through our comprehensive review below. was a big surprise for everybody involved in the financial markets. Both the traders and competitor companies did not expect for the new brokerage to appear so quickly. In fact, there’s very little information about the company available on their website.

There are only small hints from which we can guess what the final product would look like as it seems that the Forex brokerage is still in its development phase.

What is

The only guiding content we found on the website was the “Read More” button which exposed the company’s email. After contacting the broker and asking a few questions, it turned out that is an XM subsidiary.

is legit

Once we found out about this very important detail, making a review became much smoother and easier.

Let’s look into the teaser video that covers the whole webpage when we visited it, and try to piece together a comprehensive business plan as much as possible.

Is legit?

There’s no information about the regulation, but what we can say is that they’re most likely to apply for an FCA license if they haven’t applied already.

This is due to the UK addon to their URL when we visit the website. But it’s apparent that the Forex broker will have a global presence, knowing how it’s an XM subsidiary after all.

What will offer?

Once again, there’s very little information in the video itself, detailing the assets that will be available on the platform. What we can say is that CFDs are a definite possibility due to the mandatory risk warning at the end of the video. The risk warnings are only applied to brokerages that offer CFDs, therefore it’s not there for nothing.

In another sense, we did find out that the platform will offer more than 1,250 financial assets, which is extremely similar to XM. In all honesty, having the company tied to XM’s values immediately removes the scam argument, regardless of how shady it may look.

Reviewing features

The only features we saw from the video was the trading app, which seems to be very similar to a WebTrader or a MobileTrader. Regardless of what it will be, will feature the software for every device, desktops, tablets, and smartphones as well. ultra-low account

Another feature that caught our attention was the Ultra-low account, which seems to be specifically designed for beginners as the video goes on about tapping into the new generations of traders.

Overall, could prove to be XM’s way of incorporating the younger generation of customers on their platform. they’d train them on, and once they’ve gained some experience, entice them to transfer over to XM’s main trading platform.

Should you bother with

Once again, the scam is not a reality, therefore, you can rest easy if the video got you interested. But if you’re a veteran trader, then may not be the best alternative, according to our assumptions from the video.

However, it does seem like to be the perfect place for beginners. XM was already welcoming to rookie traders, but they’ve seemed to have created an even more comfortable platform. It’s likely that one of the features will be small minimum deposits (unconfirmed), low spreads (confirmed), no commissions (confirmed), and slightly lower leverage (unconfirmed).

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Top Forex Brokers Staff

June 26, 2022

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