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ABInvesting a Forex broker offering multiple trading assets. It was founded just recently and in a very small amount of time, has proven to be a very reliable broker. They offer a different set of tools and features that distinguish them from others. Needless to say, safety is a guarantee, after all the company is regulated by several agencies and offers its services in over 30 countries.

When you seek to trade with such a top-class broker, there are many benefits like dedicated support and service for customers, swift and simplified user interface, no commissions or concealed charges, elevated leverage, and low spreads.

In our ABInvesting review, we will have a thorough discussion about the array of distinctions that are synonyms with the firm. The broker has an effective team of seasoned and professional investors that utilizes the principles of research and financial trading tools to optimize the benefit of customers. Moreover, for a better trading experience, the financial service provider uses the internationally renowned MetaTrader 4.

ABInvesting review

Reviewing ABInvesting – Overview

To help traders reach self-realization targets, the broker aims to provide top-notch facilities and extra realistic trading tools. For instance, to provide high-speed access to the market, it has invested in system upgrades. Also, the brokerage offers educational materials that eventually encourage traders to develop their trading skills. This is a huge reason why ABInvesting promotions are non-existent because the firm wants its consumers to be self-sufficient. The company prefers to invest in educational ventures. To meet the needs of their diverse clientele, the brokerage company provides various account styles and trading platforms. To be exact, ABInvesting provides three distinct accounts.

After hearing all this one might think it’s too good to be true. These days Forex has become very widespread and millions of people take part in the process of trading. There is no shortage of Forex Brokers in the world, so finding the one that suits all your needs can be tiresome and hard.

A team of experienced Forex traders developed Abinvesting, which makes it a great destination for inexperienced traders. The team behind ABInvesting knows just what Forex traders need, and their services stand out from other brokers thanks to this. One might wonder, is ABInvesting legit? We’ll answer you frankly. Yes, it is.

Regulations and Qualifications

ABInvesting is a reliable brokerage firm regulated under license number GB20025728 by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission Authority (FSC). The broker complies with all the rules and standards of this body and is committed to providing traceability and reliability.

What are the available assets at ABInvesting?

Forex, cryptocurrencies, shares, indices, commodities, and metals are offered, in an array of underlying assets. The broker is fairly good and opens up numerous opportunities for traders. There are over 30 currency pairs offered by the broker, the services extend to more than 300 financial assets including the most popular options like cryptocurrencies, Forex currency pairs, and indices.


Cryptocurrency trading has become widely popular in the industry. Millions of people use cryptos for trading, and every moment the number of cryptos increases. At Ainnvesting, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies available, including the most common ones, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

The broker also gives you access to worldwide indices with thousands of CFDs. Indices are a stock basket that you can trade together. It tests the efficiency of a specific region of the economy, and it can be traded at ABInvesting thanks to CFDs.

ABInvesting rating

ABInvesting rating of the assets is available live on their website’s homepage.

Commodities are a crucial part of a capitalistic society. Now, you can exchange hundreds of different commodities thanks to Abinvesting. Soft and Hard commodities are available.

The Leverage

Leverage is one of the fundamental elements of trading. It enables traders, with relatively limited resources, to open large positions and reap enormous profits. We might even call it a double-edged sword. This suggests that it greatly raises risks.

In other words, if you have a loss, the loss on your capital and the amount leveraged by the broker plus interest will be carried by you. Various trading instruments have distinct leverages.

  • Indices 1:125
  • Commodities 1:125
  • Metals 1:125
  • Forex 1:500
  • Stocks 1:150

ABInvesting review – Trading Accounts

At ABInvesting you have multiple account options like a demo and a retail account.

ABInvesting opinions vary about this topic but needless to say, a demo account lets traders and investors alike use virtual money to play out their strategies and see their initial outcome before making an actual trade. The demo account has similar tools to a standard one. This is a widely accepted industry practice these days.

For its traders, ABInvesting provides a free demo or practice account. This way, before going to live in the sector, they can practice their abilities and skills. At this Forex broker, the process of establishing a live trading account is fairly easy. You’ll have to take a few quick measures to include basic details about yourself. After that, according to the Know Your Customer policy, you will also have to verify your identity.

At ABInvesting scam can be avoided, to do so you will have to provide some sort of document for this, which can be used to verify your identity. It is very simple to build a live trading account and start trading Forex on ABInvesting all-in-all.

There are gold, silver, and platinum account categories. You can choose from. Each category offering very distinct features. The reason behind this strategy is to cater to the needs of every type of consumer and trader out in the world. You can legally have several stock trading accounts, but the broker should be with each of them.


According to ABInvesting opinions, Silver account spreads start at 0.07, while leverage goes up to 1:200. It allows for hedging as well. The spread on the Silver account is dependent on the asset one wants to trade with.

Here’s a precise list of the most popular currency pairs and other derivatives that you can choose from.

  • EUR/USD 2.2
  • GBP/USD 2.8
  • USD/JPY 2.3
  • AUD/USD 2.8
  • USD/CHF 2.6
  • USD/CAD 2.9
  • NZD/USD 3.1
  • EUR/GBP 2.6
  • Gold 0.59
  • Crude Oil 0.07
  • Dax 2


The gold accounts, like the platinum account, allow hedging and fifth decimal trading. ABInvesting Forex broker also provides a 25% swap discount, free VPS, assistance for 10 hours, a five-day withdrawal process, and a dedicated account manager. You also enjoy videos and webinars related to education. The only difference is that the leverage is up to 1:400, with spreads starting at 0.05.

The precise list of spreads on the Gold account is the following

  • EUR/USD 1.3
  • GBP/USD 2
  • USD/JPY 1.5
  • AUD/USD 1.8
  • USD/CHF 1.6
  • USD/CAD 1.9
  • NZD/USD 2.1
  • EUR/GBP 1.6
  • Gold 0.48
  • Crude Oil 0.05
  • Dax 1.5


Platinum accounts give excellent advantages. Next, ABInvesting FX brokerage allows for fifth decimal and hedging trading. Videos and webinars, dedicated account managers, free VPS, and 10 hours of customer service are also open to you as a trader. Also, withdrawing funds takes about five days. This account has huge leverage of up to 1:500, a swap discount of 25 percent, and spreads beginning from 0.03 pips. Also, Platinum accounts send you news updates.

The precise list of spreads on the platinum account is the following

  • EUR/USD 0.7
  • GBP/USD 1.3
  • USD/JPY 0.8
  • AUD/USD 1.1
  • USD/CHF 0.9
  • USD/CAD 1.2
  • NZD/USD 1.4
  • EUR/GBP 0.9
  • Gold 0.37
  • Crude Oil 0.03
  • Dax 1

At ABInvesting fraud can be avoided not only in a technical sense but also in a spiritual capacity as well. This is why it is noteworthy to mention that the brokerage firm offers Sharia-friendly aids as well on their Islamic accounts.

ABInvesting rating

In recent years, the Islamic account has become an absolute necessity, particularly for Forex brokers who aspire to provide services globally. ABInvesting provides those who follow the beliefs of the Quran with Islamic accounts. As you may already know, it is forbidden, according to the Quran, to pay or obtain any form of interest rate.

Also known as swap-free accounts. It means that traders do not have to pay or receive any swaps.

Trading Platforms of ABInvesting reviewed

ABInvesting MT4 is an innovative and internationally used trading platform, generally referred to as MT4. Due to its advanced research software, mobile apps, and a wide range of assets and charts, it is popular among users. Over the years, this platform has demonstrated value, regardless of whether a consumer is a seasoned or inexperienced trader.

ABInvesting opinion

By offering advanced trading signals and charting tools, Meta Trader 4 enables trading for its users. Such tools come with the platform preinstalled. Instant and clear are the measures involved with installing MT 4. The metrics given allow you to trade and analyze the financial market better, accurately, and effectively.

MetaTrader 4 allows its users to close and open any trade in a very efficient manner. It is clear to comprehend how to use and execute it. All the users’ knowledge and needs are bundled inside an easy-to-navigate and intuitive user interface.


ABInvesting web trader is built with a simple interface that allows you to open positions without much hassle. You can also configure the updates for the market, access analytical data, and display trading history. These features help you to develop your strategy for reading.

The Webtrader is available 24 hours a day on both the phone and the web. An internet connection and a browser are vital for the usage of the platform. User-friendly and intuitive interfaces allow you to monitor price fluctuations, properties, and trends in the market and help you make an informed decision.

Customer Service

Due to technology, customer service has become more and more relevant over the years. Consumers are conscious of the opportunities granted by technology and internet access. The traders are bound to go away if a forex broker fails to exploit them.

There are a multiplicity of means one can get in contact with the firm. ABInvesting Forex broker offers a multilingual standby customer support system, available 24 hours a day, 5 times a week. Live chat is a way for forex trading companies to offer data to all their international customers.

ABInvesting opinions


The ability to provide chat for customers all over the world is a feature favored by lots of companies. Businesses can construct their chat window to present instructions particular to their main language and offer multi-lingual assistance.

Other contact options are available as well like email and live chat, where you will talk to qualified professionals in any of the 11 languages that are provided, which will be giving you all the information you need.

Fees: ABInvesting Withdrawal And Deposit

The deposit and withdrawal process of funds is clear and straightforward. The deposits are executed immediately, while it takes two or three business days to withdraw. The broker accepts funds through all payment modes that are universally used, such as credit and debit cards. The following payment systems are approved by Abinvesting.

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro Skrill
  • Neteller
  • V Pay
  • SecureCode

In trading with Abinvesting, there are no secret fees or commissions involved. Also, spreads are tiny.

Due to anti-money laundering requirements (AML), the brokerage must comply with them. The proceeds from trading need to be verified. This information is transferred to the beneficial owner of the account who should be the same as the owner of the trading account.

To avoid mishaps one should provide ABInvesting FX brokerage with a copy of a financial statement where funds will be sent before the submission of the withdrawal request. Some banks and card payment companies have their regulations about the matter, so always be aware of the policies in place.

The brokerage firm doesn’t offer promotions, however, they heavily invest their financial resources in their educational initiatives. Which are the very fabric of the trading process. For novices, this is a great possibility to acquire knowledge in a variety of ways, using different media formats. The education provided by the brokerage combined with the implementation of various strategies using a demo account could be tremendous. Therefore an ABInvesting bonus does not exist.

Educational Initiatives

Forex trading education encourages you to understand the basic concepts and terminologies and guides you on how to strengthen the strategy that will keep you disciplined and equilibrated in trading. There are plenty of courses and training courses where you can be directed by trained trainers to build your tactics and strategies.

Ab Investing is proud to offer its consumers educational material and learning sessions to better understand the intricacies of the Forex market. To provide this information they use a variety of sources like ebooks, courses, tutorials, report sessions, trading signals, and many more.

Can ABInvesting Be Trusted?

ABInvesting is a broker accredited by CySec and FSC and regulated by them. Although regulation gives a much-needed reputation to brokers, it still does not mean that every regulated broker is truthful. So ways you can avoid fraud is to read reviews and search forums to be sure that you are doing business with a reputable company.

The media visibility of the company is good. They seem to be up to date with their digital marketing strategy, The website itself is very easy to use filled with effective information. It’s effortless to scroll down on their homepage. which is filled with visual media that explains Forex concepts in a very understandable and unique way.

It is important to not neglect already existing ABInvesting reviews made by the consumers, after all, to have a clear understanding of the market we need to know every crucial piece of information about it.

We checked ABInvesting and every part of it. We were able to claim after our comprehensive analysis that it represented one of the fastest-growing Forex brokers on the market at the time. The broker’s services are very strong, and it aims to draw traders from all over the world.

The team behind ABInvesting ensures that their customers’ needs are addressed, and it also focuses primarily on the customers’ safety and security. We suggest ABInvesting to our readers on account of this and several other factors.

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June 26, 2022

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