EasyMarkets Vip Account

EasyMarkets Vip Account









Want to become VIP FX trader? This offer by easyMarkets allows you to become one! It is packed with ton of useful additions and tools that you will be excited to use. Once you become VIP, you will never look back and ask yourself why. Read full easyMarkets Vip Account description below to find out what services will it bring to you!

easyMarkets Vip Account Description

If you have enough cash to grant yourself EasyMarkets VIP Account, there are certainly reasons to do so. It will give you not only best fixed spreads that this FX Broker has, but will also make your FX Trading decisions more advanced. There are plenty of features included and we will tell you which ones you will definitely want!

easyMarkets VIP Account Features

Firstly, as was said before, easyMarkets VIP Account will lower your spread and you will be able to enjoy 1.8 pips fixed spread without any thoughts that it can change one day. More to that, you will advance your trading skills via personal session with easyMarkets professional trader. He will answer your questions and if you ask him and will tailor a strategy for you, making it unique and used just by you.

Have you ever dreamed about making trades while you lay on a beach without laptop? With this account you certainly can! This FX Broker allows VIP account holders to make telephone trades, so if you decide to get a short on USD/JPY while having a sunbath, you are just one phone call away from it!

Additionally to this, EasyMarkets VIP Account will keep you updated with all upcoming news via telephone or emails. So, you do not have to browse internet looking for news or read newspapers, easyMarkets will send everything to you! Also, its trading platform includes live feed from Reuters, so you will never miss anything.

In case there are any sudden changes, you will also get SMS notification, so there are almost no chances of missing anything with this account!

Overall, easyMarkets VIP Account seems like a great deal for advanced FX traders and is capable to fulfill all of you trading needs and even give you something more!