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Are you looking for incredibly high free Forex Bonus? This deal by Grand Capital Forex broker will offer you exactly that! Read full Grand Capital No Deposit Bonus review below and find out wif this deal is good for you!

No Deposit Bonus Grand Capital Description

  • Promotion is available: from February 16,2015
  • Grand Capital has a right to change the bonus conditions or simply refuse to receive a bonus if you create multiple accounts

Grand Capital No Deposit Bonus Conditions

As a participant of GrandCapital bonus promotion, you must understand the following rules and conditions. They are very strict, that is why this bonus might not be for traders that do not know how to trade.

First of all, in order to take part you should register Private Office during the no deposit bonus Grand Capital period. Indeed, if you are not a verified user you will not have any chance to participate. So, you should upload the scan of your ID or passport to Private Office. Likewise, the phone number must be verified as well.

Secondly, there are 2 account types allowed for this promo: Standard account and Welcome bonus $500 account.

The leverage of your account cannot exceed 1:100. Other promotions provided by Grand Capital are not applied as the permission to participate in this promo.

GrandCapital bonus Withdrawal, Deposit, as well as internal transfer, are disabled features on bonus account.

Grand Capital Free Bonus: Obtaining the Bonus Terms

Take into account Grand Capital free bonus is issued once, i.e. you cannot reuse it.

Funds of the bonus promotion are credited for 5 days. Indeed, after this period the bonus is deducted, open positions are closed. It is important to know that, bonus funds are the Grand Capital property. In trade, the client’s own funds are used in priority, this is why we do not recommend to deposit much while trading with this promo.

Make sure that you have a real Standard account as the profit from this bonus goes into it. In order to activate it, you should refill your account for an amount equal to greater than the profit from Grand Capital bonus without deposit account within 5 days period. If there is no deposit, the profit is deducted from the trading account.

Trader must make trade deals worth 1 full lot for the profit $5. You cannot withdraw profit partially.

As for the internet connection, you must use an open connection. Trading with a bonus without deposit Grand Capital through an anonymous proxy server is prohibited.

We should also admit that multidirectional trade is not allowed in this bonus account in order to protect from the frauds. Therefore, if you violate this term Grand Capital can cancel the bonus and some amount of the profit earned as an actual result trade on the basis of the proportional ratio of own funds to your profit gained in the bonus account respectively.

Take into consideration, that the affiliate commission is not charged for trading on the $500 GrandCapital no deposit bonus.

Claims about Grand Capital Bonus Without Deposit

All claims for the shares might be directed to the email specified on the website. You must include your name and address, account number as well as the detailed description of the claim.

Grand Capital Free Bonus Conclusion

There are only a few deals with no deposit bonus higher than 100 USD that we consider as reliable ones. This deal is one of them. If you are not frightened by the strict conditions of this bonus, as demonstrated in this GrandCapital review – you can sign up for it.

Comments (4 comment(s))

Jacob Goldman
November 29, 2016
HOW GRAND CAPITAL STEALS OUR MONEY Grand Capital are the biggest online thieves ive ever seen. They steal money from every angle. Here's how Grand Capital steal money from you and me. 1) They are not even a real broker. Its a Pyramid / Ponzi Scheme. Grand Capital are the broker of a broker of another broker. In other words, tts a pyramid scheme broker business that pay their "affilliate marketers" up to 40% commission on each of your trades, so when YOU SHOULD be getting 75% to 85% payout on a 60 second option, up to 5mins, youre lucky if you get 40% to 50% most of the time, with the odd 60% on a really terrible, choppy market pair that youve got hardly any chance of winning on. So, they are stealing up to 40% of your trades and in essence, you are working for them while they take a big cut of your money, for no risk to them. 2) You have to place $10 minimum trade for a 40% payout. Thats right. You HAVE to place a MININIMUM of $10 on each trade, so if you place a 60 second trade on the USD/CHF for example, you will get $4, for risking $10. But on CoreLiquidityMarkets, Directfx, or GoMarkets, you will get up to $9 back (anywhere between $7.50 and $9), more than DOUBLE what Grandcaptial offer you. 3) Very high transaction fees and takes ages to withdraw. I made some trades, got $2.50 overall P/L with losses and withdrew my cash as soon as I saw the terrible payout rates. When I went to make my withdrawal, they said I needed to be "verified" for a withdrawal. Yet when I made the deposit with the same debit card and National ID, they had no trouble accepting it in seconds, all on the same day, and didnt take 3 days just to "verify" my identity when I had already sent the documents well in advance, many days ago. 4) Order Execution (OE) is NOT EVEN FUNNY. You see a candlestick on a breakout. You wait for the close price of the following candle to confirm your entry. Just as the candlestick closes, you enter the market on whatever timeframe you choose, in my case 60 second.... then all of a sudden, the order you placed, is not placed anywhere near the price you specified, and you see the order line way above or below your entry point.... meaning it costs you the trade. It wouldnt suprise me if Grand Captial are doing this on purpose, as Ive not come accross other brokers who do this on quite the same level. Yes there can be issue with OE, but not like these guys, they are just scamming it by exploiting the issue to their advantage, thus stealing our hard earned money from every possible angle they can. They are without doubt, the WORST so-called "broker" I have ever done business with. Im based in the UK and I only use MT4 for binary options so I can use my own strategy. Currently, there are not many good BO brokers that allow you to use MT4, and any that dont allow you to use them, you should in my experiece, stay well clear of. However, it up to you. Yet, Grand Capital attracted me due to its MT4 platform, but I made the mistake of assuming the payouts, OE, and costs were competitive. They are not. CoreLiquidityMarkets, Directfx, or GoMarkets are Aussie based, but they are regulated by the ASIC, which is very strict much like the FCA here in the UK.
    Keyboard Soldier
    January 2, 2017
    Affiliate commissions have nothing to do with your earnings on binary option trades. If you win $100 on a binary options trade, you will be paid $100, not $60. What arrangement a broker has with its affiliates holds no meaning to a trader's potential earnings. Your best bet would be to improve your trading skills. There are plenty resources available for practice and study. Binary options are as risky as investing in stocks. Be patient and the profits will come. Grand Capital has been in business for over 10 years. They are not the ones where the anger should be directed at.
December 26, 2017
Beware GrandCapital is a SCAMMER, LIAR, SCUMBAG & HUNGRY DOG. Their staff told me the processing for withdrawal is 3 days but after 3 days my withdrawal request for only $100 was nowhere to be seen. This show GrandCapital is desperate even for your small amount. Now they totally don't response to my emails. God willing, MAY all the SCAMMERS in GrandCapital encounter tragic consequences and the worst outcome to their dog lives till they return all my funds.
Tommy Suganda
March 2, 2018
To activate real account it is required deposit to claim profit from $500 bonus. If my deposit amount is not the same as the amount of profit, for example profit $390 and deposit $50 ,is it possible to claim my $390 profit?