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Need a bonus that will support your position in unstable times? This FreshForex Deposit Bonus is more than just an addition to your trading balance, it is margin bonus. So if you want to stay out of risks, read full FresForex Margin Deposit Bonus Description to find out how it can help you.

FreshForex Deposit Bonus Description

This bonus allows you to receive nice addition of 35% to your account balance on every deposit that you make. So, if you already got this bonus and suddenly decide to top-up your account with some more money, you will receive deposit bonus once again.

To get this bonus you will have to connect your account to this bonus plan in your account settings. You have to bear in mind that 35% bonus is available only for deposits from 1,000 USD, any deposit between 200 USD and 999 USD will only grant you 25% bonus. So, think twice before you decide how much money to deposit.

Furthermore, you should know that this deal is available only for Classic and Market Pro account holders, so if you trade on Master account, this bonus is certainly not for you. Also, if you have Double Deposit or Rebate deal from this broker, there is no possibility to get FreshForex Deposit Bonus 35% for you.

In order to clear this bonus, you will have to trade 1 Lot per every 15 USD of the bonus. This means that if your bonus was 300 USD, you will have to trade 20 Lots before withdrawing any profits. More to that, if you withdraw more profits than your deposit amount was before this promotion, you will not get any FreshForex Margin Deposit Bonus.

What is Margin Deposit Bonus

Not sure what is margin bonus? The margin bonus on deposit will support your margin in case of a draw down. It means that bonuses as FreshForex Margin Deposit bonus are able to withstand a Margin Call. This is the perfect tool for traders who take care about a safe trading.

If you are not ready to go for deposit deal, you can check your No Deposit Bonus Delas and start trading without investments!

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