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Top Forex Brokers is a site that contains information on forex brokers, their bonus offers, review of fx trading platforms and mostly information on FX, CFDs and Binary Options services. Before engaging into any type of trading activity, do read about the risks involved and educate yourself enough to make a weighted decision on to start or not to start trading.

Forex, CFDs and Binary Options are very risky products and they are not suitable for everyone. This type of activity is marginal trading. In other words, you are not simply trading your own funds, but you are trading the amount that could be 500 larger than your deposit. As the markets are volatile, in many cases it is possible to double or lose your deposit within a day. You should be fully aware of the high level of risk involved and you should carefully evaluate your trading goals, amount of knowledge and the maximum amount of funds you are willing to risk. It is recommended to consult with a financial expert before starting to trade forex and CFDs online. It is a must to gain a substantial trading experience on a  demo account and get enough of the education before engaging into trading activities. Carefully consider if your financial situation and your ability to risk your funds accommodates trading high risk instruments.

Top Forex Brokers doesn’t provide any advice in terms of making trading decisions to buy and sell the trading instruments. You should take such decisions on your own or rely on opinions of the licensed people. No information and no opinion about choosing a forex or binary trading provider should be based only on the information found on Top Forex Brokers. Always check the relevance and correctness of all of the information before you choose a broker. The information on Top Forex Brokers do not represent the opinion of Top Forex Brokers as a portal and neither it represents the opinion of the management. Some information contained on Top Forex Brokers could be provided by a third party.

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