Other bonuses to try when FX is not an option

Other bonuses to try when FX is not an option

Written on

May, 2016

Updated on

Aug, 2020

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Our site mostly contains the reviews of various FX promotions and opinions on different Forex brokers. Even though most of you are here to find more info about these subjects, sometimes you may got burnt out on trading and would consider something different. Just to try it out and get your mind clear, so you can come to trading Forex with extra energy. So what are the great sources for bonuses if Forex is not an options? Let’s find out.

Binary Options Bonuses

There are not so many options when it comes to binary bonuses. You can usually get a regular deposit bonuses, but the conditions on those are not the same. Free demo accounts and competitions seem quite a rarity in this market too. Nevertheless, we do welcome you to visit our binary options bonus section and learn more about the options available to you.

What’s good about the binary market? In simple words, it is a gambling version of Forex, it is also much more simplified. You don’t really get to try complex trading platforms, various types of orders and so on. With binaries you just have to predict the direction of the market, don’t even bother thinking how powerful the movement will be.

We cannot recommend you to get binary options bonus on deposit, the reason for this is simple. Binaries are okay to try for a few days or a week, just to rest from Forex trading. But trying to cash out your deposit bonus will certainly be a challenging task. It may take months to accomplish. And trading binaries for months is not what you want.

When it comes to binary options no deposit bonuses, it is certainly a good way to start off. However, such bonuses are very hard to find, especially from the reputable brokers that will actually pay you back the gains. This is why you have to keep an eye and grab those offers before they expire. Alternatively you can just deposit a few dollars to try this market out.

Casino Bonuses

If you like bonuses but don’t really want to do anything connected with trading, casinos have a lot to offer. It is surprising, but the amount of bonuses offered is actually enormous…and you can easily find the ones available with detailed explanations in your own language. For example, is a website in Norwegian that lists quite a few offers.

The best idea is to get a certain no deposit deal to play around or just get a few free spins on the slot machines. This way you will be able to experience the thrill without actually depositing any of you money. There is also a chance of generating some returns and using them when you come back to Forex with renewed energy.

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