GrandeFX Review

GrandeFX Review

Minimum deposit

250 USD



Maximum leverage



0.5-1.0 pips



US Clients


There’s an abundance of Forex brokerages in the modern trading environment, that’s why it’s so difficult to find the right one. There are so many details in the process and each and every one of them should be well-thought-out before making a decision.

GrandeFX brokerage is yet another trading company that needs closer inspection to determine, whether one can trust them or not. By being relatively new to the field, there are many suspicions that the GrandeFX scam is the real deal. The only way to find that out is through.

So, let’s dive into it.

General impressions

As always, let’s just take an overall look at what the broker offers in terms of trading conditions, website, regulation, and platforms, and then discuss each of them independently.

A quick browse through their website reveals some of the key points of this company. First, the minimum deposit requirement of GrandeFX is as low as $250, which we’ll discuss more thoroughly a bit later.

Another impressive offer is the maximum leverage. It goes up to 1:500, which creates a wonderful opportunity for a decent revenue. As for the spreads, the difference between the most popular currency pair EUR/USD varies between 0.5 to 1.0 pips. Again, more about these numbers down below.

As for the website itself, the interface looks simplistic and contains every information necessary for successful trading experience. It features some of the most up-to-date trading platforms that are popular among traders these days.

Regulation is another key characteristic that can boost the credibility of the GrandeFX Forex broker. The company was registered in Cyprus, but also has legal obligations to Germany and the UK.

Alright, now let’s discuss these points more closely.

What does the review tell us?

As we mentioned, GrandeFX’s website looks modern and isn’t overly complicated with unnecessary data and visual effects.

The first page contains different sections of the website that is designed to provide structured information to the customer. In the accounts section, you can see that the GrandeFX broker offers quite diverse possibilities to the wide array of customers.

There are 3 account types:

  • Beginner Account;
  • Experienced Account;
  • Veteran Account.

All of these accounts contain useful educational material that’ll help newcomers get the basic idea of Forex trading.

The website features some of the newest trading platforms that are popular in the field right now. MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, WebTrader, and even iOS/Android applications ensure that the customers are always able to safely execute their trading goals.

As for the money withdrawal, users are able to take full advantage of not only conventional financial accounts such as Visa/Mastercard or wired transfers, but also are able to use PayPal and Bitcoin that offer a much faster and safer experience. This further proves the point that the GrandeFX fraud is not real.

License is the key

We already know that the GrandeFX company was registered in Cyprus by its main financial body, Securities and Exchange Commission. Not only that, the company is regulated by the same top-level financial bodies of the UK (FCA) and Germany (BaFIN).

If the only regulator was Cyprus, there might have been reasonable suspicions that there’s something wrong with this company. Usually, these distant islands are used for hiding earnings and illegal activities.

But when countries like the UK and Germany come into play, it becomes virtually impossible to believe that GrandeFX is somehow lying. In fact, we believe in the exact opposite: with these comprehensive legal measures, the GrandeFX can be trusted with your finances.

The numbers are real

While everything we discussed above is impressive, we all came here for one particular reason: to see if the trading conditions are the real deal or not.

Let’s start with maximum leverage. It goes as high as 1:500, which is impressive knowing just how recently this company was established. This gives us the reason to believe that there are some serious financial supporters behind the company, who’ll do anything to ensure its stability. So yeah, the leverage feels real to us.

Now about the spreads, which varies from 0.5 to 1.0 pips and depends on the account type that you choose. Such a low rate indicates that the company cares about its customers and their ability to purchase currencies at as minimum difference as possible.

And as for the minimum deposit requirement, it also shifts from one type of account to another and starts at $250 for the beginner account; ‘veterans’ are required to make $2,500 of deposit which is reasonable as they’re more experienced in trading and are able to take greater risks. Such a wide array of deposit possibilities ensures that even the novices have the opportunity to trade with moderate commitments. Here, again, our GrandeFX opinion leans favorably to the broker’s side.

Our GrandeFX rating?

With some of the most competitive trading conditions on the market and comprehensive legal issues, we’re compelled to conclude that GrandeFX is legit and you should definitely try out their service.

The company offers serious financial possibilities that promise to bring you a decent amount of money. So, why not try it as well?

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