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There’s nothing new about the notion that Forex is by far the biggest trading market in the world. This automatically means lots of traders from all over the world with unending profits and losses. Yet the equilibrium between these two outcomes doesn’t change the fact that trading Forex is one of the most lucrative financial activities right now.

What makes it even more lucrative and attractive is various bonuses offered by Forex brokers. Whether it’s welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, or referral bonuses, these promotions take the appeal of trading to the next level.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at the Trade 100 Bonus offered by one of the most popular and well-established brokers, FBS.

FBS Bonus

What’s the Trade 100 Bonus all about


So, Trade 100 Bonus is the FBS’s take on no deposit bonuses. The broker invites traders from across the board, no matter whether they’re beginners or veteran traders, to sign up onto its platform and start using this bonus.

As FBS points out, the Trade 100 Bonus is designed to help beginners better understand market developments and get used to the broker’s platform, whereas the veterans will have the opportunity to play with various tools offered by this specific broker and maybe consider becoming its clients.

After signing up on the platform, FBS directly gives you real 100 bucks to start trading Forex. The money will help you improve your trading game without any entailing deposit from your part. That’s right, the broker gives you $100 without you depositing a single cent on the platform, which is why the Trade 100 Bonus is so special.

How can you sign up for the bonus?

Are you intrigued already? Great, because now we’re going to teach you how to get this bonus right away. As the broker explains, there’s only three simple steps you need to take to become eligible for the Trade 100 Bonus:

  1. You need to register an account that is specifically designed for this bonus;
  2. After the signup, you immediately receive the $100 bonus to trade during the next 30 days;
  3. After that period, you’ll be able to withdraw your profits to your financial account.
FBS Trade 100

As you can see, the only thing standing between you and the Trade 100 Bonus is your decision to open up the account; again, there’s no deposit required to be scared of.

What conditions apply to the Trade 100 Bonus?

Now that we’ve talked about what the Trade 100 Bonus promises and how you can get it, it’s time to find out what conditions apply to it and what you’re required to do within this bonus. So, once you’ve acquired $100 from your bonus account, you are given 30 active trading days (an active trading day is when you open and close orders within the same day) to trade with this fund.

The bonus will be available on the MetaTrader 5 platform only with 0.01 lot order volume. You’ll be able to simultaneously place 5 orders and the minimum of 5 trades should be placed within 30 active trading days for you to qualify for bonus withdrawals.

Trade100 FBS

When the 30-day period ends, you’ll be able to withdraw your funds that don’t exceed 100 US dollars. As for which financial platforms you can use for withdrawals, FBS supports:

  • Credit cards
  • Bank wire
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Perfect Money
  • bitwallet
  • etc.

A bonus to be excited for

As you have seen in this review, the Trade 100 Bonus from FBS Forex broker is truly an attractive promotion that requires no financial commitment from your part.

You just sign up on the bonus account and get $100 to trade Forex within the next one month. After you’re done trading, your funds will be immediately available for withdrawal. In short, there are no hidden strings attached to the Trade 100 Bonus; you get what the broker promises you’ll get!

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