IFC Markets Bonus Review

IFC Markets Bonus Review









IFC Markets is an online forex broker. They are a Cyprus Investment Firm. Their regulation is done by CySec. They are a part of the IFCM Group of financial services. This group also includes the NetTradeX software development firm. This explains their use of the NetTradeX trading platform along with the highly popular MT4 platform. Read our IFC Markets bonus review to find out why this broker is not worth your time.

They offer trading of foreign exchange and they also offer their clients the ability the trade commodities, stocks and market index products. The offer a maximum leverage of 400:1 and their minimum deposit is $1 for certain accounts.

Now while IFC Markets may be regulated, it does not mean their services are of high quality or that they will benefit you.

IFC Markets Bonus Availability Review

When you sign up with a new broker, there are a number of different things running through your mind but at the forefront of it is money.

This is why you trade – to make money.

And if there is any way a broker can help you to make more money then it’s vital you know about it and use it to your advantage.

IFC Markets Bonus Availability Review

Sadly that is not what you will get with IFC Markets.

There are currently no IFC Markets bonuses available.

This as you would know is major disadvantage to their current clients and you if you are thinking of registering with.

We have mentioned before that IFC Markets has questionable practices and that you would be much better off registering with another broker. Because not only will that save you time and energy but you will also save money.

The fact that there are neither IFC Markets no deposit bonuses or deposit bonuses shows their lack of interest in your financial gain.


Bonuses and promotions are not just a way for broker to attract new clients and keep existing ones.

They are a way for you to get the opportunity to increase your starting capital. More capital means more trades and more successful trades mean more money. The promotions add to this also because they give you the chance to boost your profits. And that is what we all want at the end of the day, more money.

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IFC Markets Bonus Review Conclusion

IFC Markets however does not seem to want that for you. Their lack of bonuses shows that they do not want to assist you in increasing your wealth. You do not need to sign up with a broker like that.

Everything considered, IFC Markets is not only an untrustworthy broker. They are also a broker that will not benefit you financially in a way that others truly will. Take your business elsewhere. Avoid IFC Markets.