Hadwins Capital Bonus Scam Review

Hadwins Capital Bonus Scam Review









Hadwins Capital Ltd is an online forex trading company based in Manchester, England. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and offer an “execution only” service to their clients which means you get to direct your own trading. Find the truth about this broker in our full Hadwins Capital Bonus Scam Review.

It should be noted the FCA mainly concerns itself with the legalities of a company such as how they manage their clients’ money and not the company’s actual quality of service. This offers an explanation for Hadwins Capital’s poor service as well as Hadwins Capital bonus scam. Continue reading to find out more.

Hadwins Capital Bonus Scam Review

Hadwins Capital’s Bonus Scam

Hadwins doesn’t offer its clients any form of bonuses this is why we are confident to say that Hadwins Capital bonus is scam.

This is a poorly made choice and shows a disregard for their clients.

Bonuses are a way for companies to not only attract clients but also to assist them with improving their earnings because it gives them more money to trade with. This means you have more money at your disposal which means you can place higher bets and win bigger.

Hadwins Capital’s choice not to offer its clients a bonus of any kind shows they don’t wish to assist their clients in any meaningful way.

That’s a shame for Hadwins Capital’s clients who would benefit more from registering with another company.

Hadwins Capital’s Customer Support

Hadwins capital provides customer support through email, telephone and live chat.

Their telephone line is open from Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day.

One of the problems with this service is that Hadwins Capital doesn’t seem to have the ability manage it. When you call them, their agents are always busy which leaves you waiting for an extended period of time.

It becomes even more frustrating when you hang up and call again to encounter the same problem.

This wouldn’t be so bad if when you emailed Hadwins Capital, you’d receive a timely response. On their website, they claim they’d reply to your email shortly but it’s doubtful anyone thinks of shortly as “over a week.”

In terms of customer service, “better late than never” is never acceptable.

Their online chat is only active during the day which is funny given they tout their 24 hour customer service. The next thing that’s interesting, or rather irritating, about their online chat is how dismissive their customer service agents can be. You receive closed ended answers with no follow up questions which can be especially helpful to new traders.

In addition to Hadwins bonus scam, supports leaves you with a feeling like a nuisance rather than a current/potential client who is valued.

No one ever wants to feel this way and no one should ever be made to feel that way especially by a business which they support.

Hadwins Capital’s Accounts

Hadwins Capital offers three different accounts:

  • Micro
  • Standard
  • Premium
Hadwins Capital’s Accounts

The most noticeable thing about Hadwins Capital’s different accounts is their lack of variety in terms of features. Their Premium account pales in comparison to many other companies’ which offer more attractive features which would not only be helpful but also worth the investment.

The only few differences between Hadwins Capital’s Premium account option and their Micro and Standard account options are that Premium account holders have a minimum spread of 0.6 pip, a max trading volume of 100 Lots and Hadwins Capital receives a commission from your earnings. Also the minimum deposit is $5000.

Not only is the minimum deposit quite a hefty sum in comparison to that of other brokers. The minor differences between this account option and the others plus the fact they take a commission is enough reason to find another broker.

You’d be better off without this broker and its scam bonuses!

Their Micro and Standard accounts, as said before, are quite similar to their Premium accounts.

The few differences between the Micro and Premium accounts are:

  • Spread of 2.3 pip instead of 0.6
  • No commission is taken out of earnings
  • Maximum trade volume of 1 Lots
  • Minimum deposit of $50

The few differences between Standard and Premium are:

  • Spread of 1.6 pip instead of 0.6
  • No commission taken out of earnings
  • Maximum trade volume of 25 Lots
  • Minimum deposit of $500

No matter which account you choose, you still don’t matter in the eyes of Hadwins Capital.

Hadwins Capital’s Trading Platform

Hadwins Capital uses the MetaTrader 4 platform which is the most popular platform for trading Forex.

Hadwins Capital’s Trading Platform

It’s known for its customizability, technical analysis and more. Hadwins Capital uses its adaptability for use across various devices and Operating Systems.

This is a good move.

But hardly original and not good enough reason to register with this company.

It’s best you take your business elsewhere because the MT4 trading platform is available at practically every trading house. Also other companies will treat you better and offer you more for your deposit, no how much it is.

Hadwins Capital Bonus Scam Conclusion

Hadwins Capital fails to see the value of each customer as well as the importance of assisting customers in any way possible. This is why it’s advised you stay away from this broker. You’ll find success with another company much easier and without the ill treatment.

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