Easy-Forex Win and Win Again

Easy-Forex Win and Win Again









Are you afraid that your first trade will be so unsuccessful that you will loose everything? Today we present you with the deal from one of the most reliable brokers – easy-forex. This bonus will certainly take the first trade fear away! Ready for safe trading? Read full easy forex Win and Win Again description now!

easy-forex Win and Win Again Description

If you are afraid of loosing your first trade, easy-forex is certainly a good choice to start your trading. This Forex broker offers you insurance on the first trade, so there is not chance to have a loss. Isn’t it cool? How can this be real?

How Does easy-forex Bonus Trade work?

You just open a trade on any instrument that you want and in any direction that you want and if it is not working for you – easy-forex Win and Win Again promotion will take care of your losses. But, do remember that this promotion will cover your losses for no more than 200 USD, so do not take high leverage on your first trade!

In addition to that, this easy-forex deposit bonus also takes care of your winning trade. In case your first trade will work out and you get some profit, guess what will happen? easy-forex Win and Win again will double your income! This is awesome, if you ask Top Forex Brokers.

Win and Win Again Conditions

The same conditions as on the loosing trade apply to winning trade, meaning that you can double anything up to 200 USD. This means that in case you earn 190 USD, you will get 190 USD more, but if your trade will close with 201 USD profit, you will only get 200 USD extra, which is still a great Forex bonus deal!

Also, do remember, that if you take part in this promotion, you will not be able to register for other deposit bonuses from easy-forex.