Trade like a psychic with the AxiTrader PsyQuation

Trade like a psychic with the AxiTrader PsyQuation









What do traders appreciate most in their dealings with a broker? It’s easy to think about things like good pricing, quick order execution and easy withdrawals, but one of the best things a broker can do is provide a range of cutting edge tools to improve a person’s chances of trading successfully. This is why we’re so excited about the AxiTrader PsyQuation offer that can be accessed if you become a trader with them.

PsyQuation is a tool that allows traders to understand the market quickly and easily, without spending too much time trying to grasp every movement of the market themselves. It’s a really highly advanced piece of software, developed and run with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, so it’s not surprising that the success rate of a lot of people who use this tool jumps up the moment they start utilising it. Those results are also why PsyQuation can is relatively expensive with a standard registration.

Thankfully, with AxiTrader PsyQuation is free for all users, as long as they qualify through their regular trading volumes. Once they do, they’ll open themselves up to analytical capabilities designed to produce better results, higher profitability and ultimately help people become better and smarter traders while experiencing fewer mistakes.

PsyQuation AxiTrade way

PsyQuation was developed as a result of intensive programming and applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to the Forex markets until the AI learned to understand the markets on a high level.

After a lot of research and testing, it’s become a high performance trading tool that analyses the market on a minute to minute basis, providing users with signals on intraday market changes that might present the perfect trading opportunities, or result in market reversals with significant impact on open positions.

This greatly frees traders up from having to monitor their trades all day – instead you just need to respond to the alerts and suggestions the program sends you. And although that’s very convenient, you must understand that the platform won’t make trades for you. Ultimately it’s an analysis and alert tool (albeit a very good one) that leaves you with the final choice as to whether you enter into a trade or not. You get all the information, you make the decision. But there is data available that backs up the developer’s claim that following their recommendations does improve a trader’s overall bottom line.

How do you get PsyQuation?

The normal monthly fee for PsyQuation is US$99, but AxiTrader clients get it free if they have a Live account. There’s also a more advanced version – PsyQuation Premium – which has a lot more functionality, like more frequently updated and detailed analytics and reporting. this is also free for AxiTrader clients who qualify by having a Live trading account.

All users will be able to access the tool with ease, as long as they are willing to purchase it for their account. In order to be able to receive the tool for free, the clients will have to fulfill just one requirement. They will have to have an account with a monthly trading volume of at least $97.50, which is not something unattainable by most standards. Those who end up fulfilling this requirement will be able to receive access to the PsyQuotation Premium tool free of charge, which should allow them to make more money and increase the monthly trading volume on their account further.