AxiTrader is helping partners do better

AxiTrader is helping partners do better








Affiliate Bonus

AxiTrader is one of the most reliable Forex brokers out there. These guys have spent the past decade forming strong relationships with their clients, building up relationships with partners and giving everyone plenty of room to grow.

And yet, despite the help they’ve been giving out, it seems the global trading community – or at least those in the partner/affiliate space – hasn’t really caught onto all the opportunities. So, they’ve decided to kick it up a notch with something they’re calling the AxiTrader Partnership Program.

Essentially it’s a two-tier bonus system where partners or affiliates who go above and beyond to help bring new clients into the fold will get extra payouts on top of the regular benefits.

The AxiTrader partners 51+ Club

The 51+ Club, as you might guess from the name, is for referrers that bring in at least 51 qualified new users (check out the section below to see what a qualified account means). Once a partner reaches that threshold, they’ll get paid an extra $100 for every account they directly refer. On top of that, crossing the 51 client threshold will give the partner access to Premium content and VIP service.

Even if you’re a fairly low level referrer, 51 accounts seems like a pretty achievable target that’s worth chasing for the extra bucks it can bring in – some well-placed, friendly recommendations might get you there quick! But if you’re thinking bigger and see the 51+ program as being a little underwhelming, there’s another step up.

The AxiTrader partners 100+ Club

Motivated referrers that are able to break the 100+ qualified clients mark will be eligible to receive some additional bonuses. First up, they’ll double the bonus payment so you’ll get $200 for every qualified account, plus VIP service and Premium content. You’ll also get some additional payment terms too.

Again, if you’re prepared to put in the groundwork and build those referrals quickly, it’s potentially a pretty lucrative payment structure. But, as always, there are certain things you need to consider before you get too excited and start sending thousands of people to the registration page.

The small print

In order for the AxiTrader Partner Promotion be considered fulfilled, the clients you bring to the broker need to be qualified. In this case a qualified client means several things, the most important being that they end up depositing a certain amount of money with the broker AND trade with it. Clients that simply register don’t count as qualified users and don’t count towards your tally. The clients will also have to adhere to the CPA requirements – these are detailed in the AxiTrader client agreement.

There’s also a deadline: the promotion started on May 20th and will only run until June 30th. If the clients that have been referred by the partner don’t deposit money with the broker during this time period, they won’t be considered as qualified accounts for the promotion and the partners won’t earning money from them.

AxiTrader have a strict criteria for their Target Market and only investors who have the necessary level of knowledge and experience together with sufficient capital, which they can afford to lose, are suited to CFDs.