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What’s new with Spotware’s cTrader Web 4.0 trading platform

A famous company called Spotware has recently introduced a new Web-based trader, cTrader Web 4.0. The goal of the company was to enhance trading experience, the new version that the company unveiled includes several valuable additions of active charts and a very important, new object manager.

The financial technology provider has announced that the new update of the trading platform is available on Windows and Mac devices. With new and innovative features that the trading platform features, the company says that the trading experience will be enhanced and more smooth.

The financial technology provider noted in a special statement that the new version of the trading platform includes addition of special active charts in addition to expanded range of hotkeys, which will very helpful for traders. In addition to this, the company says that the new update also includes one-click option for trades to manage their charts and the timeframes, preferences, and settings of the charts that they are using.

Spotware also noted in the special statement that the new version of the web-based trader also includes updates on different types of charting tools and a whole new object manager. This new manager will help traders to manage technical indicators and interactive drawing in much more efficient way. As the special statement of the company reads, the total number of the hotkeys that the trading platform now includes have doubled. This will help traders to trade Forex with more accuracy and quickly.

This new version of the trading platform also offers a new way for traders to use fundamental analysis. This is done by a special news source of the trading platform, which can help clients to stay in touch with the latest market updates. This new version of news provider includes a special function, which separates general news from crypto market news.

The new version of cTrader Web

The representatives of the company said that the release of the new version of cTrader is a whole new and a huge step forward to complete trading experience and maximum user convenience. One of the leaders of the company noted that the new version includes a selection of useful and competitive features, which includes additional active charts and object manager.

The company also noted that it has worked very hard to make sure to improve privacy setting to make the trading platform more secure for traders. This new version now enables traders and users of the platform to hide sensitive information about themselves. In the new version, privacy settings have been improved drastically, which is a very important step forward.

Many have noted that the release of the newer version of the trading platform is a huge step forward not only for the company, but for the trading world as well. The new chart toolbar available in this new trading platform provides a single space for traders to manage charts with ease and simplicity. In the top horizontal many, traders can access basically everything, including workspaces, layout modes, object manager, chart preferences, and many other things, which makes sure that trading is very simple for everyone.

As for the Active Charts, which is paired with direct hotkey application, now is able to deliver traders a whole new trading experience. It can be activated by traders by simply clicking on it. This way, traders will get the ability to change the chart types and setting, zoom in and out, and apply needed and wanted timeframes to the chart in a matter of few seconds.

The object manager, which we have already discussed a little, it can be accessed from the top horizontal menu above the charts. This new addition is a great way for traders to manage drawing and different types of indicators on the chart. The greatest thing about it is the simplicity that it offers to traders.

Spotware is best known for developing cTrader, a famous trading platform which is used by many Forex traders and brokers in the market. The trading platform has become very popular in the recent years and a huge majority of Forex brokers offer this trading platform to traders.

Spotware is a very famous company in the world of Forex trading. It was established in 2010, in Cyprus. The company is full of professionals who are working very hard to develop new platforms in the market, ensuring safety, security, and diversity of services offered to traders.

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