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FXTM Demo Contests

They say traders have a big ego, and it’s hard to argue from the bragging you see in online forums about how much money someone has made. However, they also say, ‘Put your money where your mouth is’, and here is your chance. FXTM holds several contests all through the year where traders compete against each other for cash and other amazing prizes. If you are feeling confident in your trading skills, why not prove it to the whole world. There are several contests running at the moment, all with amazing prizes.

FX Zones contest

The first contest open for enrolment is the FX Zones contest. The total prize pool in this contest is $24,000, split into four zones according to the period through which the contest is run. In each zone, the prize pool is $6,000, with the top 5 performers earning cash prizes on a sliding scale. The winner gets $3,000 while those in second up to fifth get $1,200, $800, $600, $400 accordingly.

The active zone right now is the ‘Bid Central’ that began on the 4th of September and is going to end on the 15th of September. It is still open for registration, and anyone can still participate. You need only to sign up with FXTM, head over to the contests page and enrol. Immediately, you will be able to log into MT4 with a demo account balance of $100,000.

Throughout the contest, it is possible to see your closest competitors’ profit percentage to see how you are doing against your closest rivals and also see how the top 10 are doing. At the end of the competition, the profit percentage is calculated and ranked, with the top 5 winning the contest and earning their cash prizes. The cash is deposited into their accounts immediately and can also be withdrawn at any time.

Even after this zone of the contest ends, there will be a final ‘Currency Capital’ zone yet to be initiated. The exact dates through which the contest will run are unknown, so you should keep checking the FXTM website for details.

The FX Zones contest is ideal for all traders because there is no risk involved. New traders who have only held a demo account can use the 2-week contest to experience the pressure involved in trading. After all, forex trading is all about competing against other traders in the world. Besides, it is a good opportunity to gain bragging rights and make some money doing it.

FX Circuits

This high-stakes contest requires a live account for participation. After you meet the minimum required deposit of $100 into your account, you’re good to go. The 5th round of the contest starts on the 2nd of October up to the 13th of October, so there is still plenty of time to sign up. Besides, the wins here are much higher, with the total prize pool at $400,000, split into 8 rounds with a pot of $50,000 each. The winner gets $20,000 while the second to fifth places get $12,000, $8,000, $6,000 and $4,000 respectively. Despite the fact that it’s a live account contest, only the percentage profit counts, so it’s possible to win the contest even with the bare minimum deposit.

Refer a Friend F1 Contest

F1 fans will be happy to enjoy a 50% discount on grandstand tickets for them and one friend if they win this contest. All they need to do is refer their friends to sign up with FXTM – that’s it. When the contest ends on the 14th of September, one lucky winner is chosen.

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